Falling below the floor in lux castle



So I was able to get lux’s key from those other ghouls and freed the slaves, I had some trouble fighting the enemies in the normal area, so I tried to set an ambush for them inside of the castle, but whenever I or the enemies took cover in the left side of the castle they fell through the floor and were unable to move anywhere. I have an image to show what I mean but new users can’t upload images apparently. not sure what to do about this other than come back when I am much stronger and wipe out lux cuz I don’t want to give him his key back.


sorry, I meant the right side of the castle when you are looking at the door from the inside


I’ve fallen in by the bicycles, if that’s where you mean. Get stuck under the map, can still overwatch the area but not move. I unlocked the door before giving Lux the key back and then went down to see. Didn’t matter the whole zone aggro’d me anyway. LMAO. Once I finished the fight they teleport back to the main mutant.


yeah, this is what I mean @Exordus I know we can still do stuff while we are down there, it just kinda kills the immersion for me.


Absolutely my friend. All we can do for now is report it and hope it’s taken care of in the future.