Family cant use DLC/siptah anymore

Ps4 eu official server 8010 and every other siptah server.

My family members have been using my ps4 to play and have been playing on various of the siptah servers.

That is up till now… now the game tells them to buy the siptah dlc for every account on my ps4 that before the latest update could play siptah. Mine is the only one that doesnt lock us out even tho my account is the main account with shared access to the others.

So now the hard work everyone have been for nothing and they will loose everything cuz we cant afford 4 accounts to all by the dlc we already should have access to.

So is this the new way you roll or is there someting that can get sorted before their homes crumble?

Please help!

Edit: tried on my account too and it also says i dont have siptah even tho i do have it.
Now i fear we all will loose everything we worked hard for

Edit 2 try to add images but dont really know how to do

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My wife and I shared DLC’s I’d buy half, she’d buy the other half… now we’re screwed. Thanks funcom. Change your name to ProfitCom. We’ll be looking for a new game to play if this isnt fixed.

They arent after the money, i eddited my post with the info that even if i have the dlc i still get the message saying i dont own it. And i saw that on Exile lands servers it doesnt say that i dont have it but instead says “unique ID not Valid!” So the complete game is un playable unless you play solo mode
Everything works as it should in solo

same and i just bought it on my acct and it still dont work ripp

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its not showing I have siptah or half the DLC’s… not cool… I hope its part of this bug/issue or many will rage quit.

Chill guys. There’s obviously some kind of issue with the Funcom account servers right now as evidenced by the thousands of new threads popping up every second on this. This sort of crap is just what happens when games have “live services”. Nothing anybody can do about it until the IT crew at Funcom figure out what’s wrong and can put out the fire.


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