Farming with 2.4

So with putting 3 plants into the dryer you get 1 seed, 1 seed equals 10 of that one plant type. Making farming renewable and great. But the one herb i found that i could not farm was shadebloom. I don’t know if this was intentional or for the fact shadebloom might not have a seed item. But would it be possible to be able to have renewable shadebloom please?

I think they want shadebloom to exclusively drop from creatures in the jhebbal sag dungeon. My running theory is that its not actually a plant, but more like an essence of the Misty Lands. Like, some wierd stuff that as soon as any creature dies, these freaky flowers begin to sprout from their corpse as the land starts taking them back. But thats just a guess on the thematics of it. Theyre likely magical.

i only care because its used in a lot of cooking recipes :frowning:

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It’s one of the only scarce resources. Probably the only one in Siptah. I doubt they would let you cultivate it.

Its part of another realm, Your meant to farm dungeon for them, or Blue eyes (who have low drop rate for it)

It be weird if you could grow it…

The day you find out putting plants in the dryer gives you seeds!!! lol


The day you find out you can take a thrall on the rope and then climb your horse!


In other words reality just happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bummer is, it the seed drying still doesnt work on console.

It is renewable… just not plantable…

  1. Go to grove leart altar recipe
  2. Do altar on level 3
  3. make insignias and lure enemys on them mostly wolfs
  4. kill werewolf - skin by jebal knife and get 5-10 blooms…

EZ actually to get them after u learn altar… TOO EZ

You putting enough of plant on dryer?

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