Fast travel bug, cartographer glitched

Fast travel skill collection glitch:

I began playing Conan exiles a few years ago (2018?) I took a short break after playing with a small 4 man team online & completely forgot why I started online co-op play in the first place!

It was due to a bug I found but couldn’t confirm in solo play, the only way of getting further was to build & progress the story line via online instead. You see, it all started when I had randomly visited the cartographer for a map room, not knowing it was the map room at the time. Unfortunately for me, a crash occurred when I was inside the library where the original map room exists. A storm followed my short conversation there & then a blue screen, which meant when I relogged in, the skill was not actually learnt, in any way shape or form! In search of answers I developed a gaming relationship with a few others online & we eventually visited the map room & got our fast travel… I simply forgot about my solo campaign & after a few months the team dissolved & I took a break from axe swinging in exiles for a while. The problem is, I have returned to the game with new enthusiasm, partly due to rideable mounts being added, but didn’t realise the bug still persisted. After many hours of fun & exploration, companion levelling & weapon gathering I decided to embark upon the journey of creating my own solo play map room. I visited the related area but to my saddened realisation the ghostly figure which should have offered the ability to traverse the lands was simply not there! My skills did not show the map room as a functional option & no matter how many new scrolls I bought, it would not spawn the spirit to educate my character in the ways of the tactical traveller. How do I now get my fast travel skill? Will I have to forfeit my solo campaign & start again? Or have I missed something important which fits in between the process of talking with the see through alien? I sincerely need help :wink:

Ok so the ghost is above you in the hole walking around in circle go there after you get in map room and he will be there to also note it works the other way too go above hole then to map room and he be right place… yeah I know you have to do one and that will trigger the next as sad and funny as is but annoying let me know if that helps

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I don’t have a clue about your missing martian friend, I just wanted to say that I love the way you express yourself :smiley:

@Aleetoo he speaks about a very old bug of PS4 . You where going inside the library and the ghost was missing . @Gloatingtomb6 is right , this is the way we used to fight this bug , still it has more than 1,5 years to happen to me . After oils saw up in the game he is always there :woman_shrugging:t3: .

Well, I found the gaping hole in the sand! Low & behold, what was below? A perfectly ghostly figure in exactly the position it should have been… Thanks for the direction guys & gals, I’m now in the process of casting a few dozen stones to create those all important fast travel maps. I only need now think of where to put them, my back yard being the obvious place to start :wink:

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Don’t forget to put your map room on foundations . These foundations must be connected with your main base . This way your mapp room will have the same decay timer with your base . Welcome back exile , have fun :+1:

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