Faster option for manually moving/splitting items with a controller

Right now the only way I can see to move items without using the split command is very slow if you want want to take a small amount.

There really should be an option to increase/decrease the numbers by a set amount (pulling trigger or another button perhaps) or increase the speed the longer a directional arrow is held.

If I have something with a stack of 1000 and only want 10, it takes forever with holding down the directional button just to get to that number.

Even a simple solution like pressing the down arrow to drag the slider with increased speed would be super helpful.

To move small amounts, I will move the whole stack, then move what I don’t want back, the remainder goes to my inventory. If you have a stack of a 1000, but only want 300, split the 1000, split the 500, move 200 of 1 of the 250 stack. Leaves you with stacks 500, 250, 200, 50. Or do you not have the option to split a stack?

Joy stick and tapping arrow pad combined will double the slider speed.

Sure, that works, but is also still pretty cumbersome, especially if you run stack mods and have 20,000 of a certain item you want to split. Could probably add an option to press the up/down arrow and move the slider 10% or so each time.

I was just a little surprised that there wasn’t a quicker option for controls - granted, it took forever to even figure out how to split with a controller as I always had to pull out a keyboard and mouse before.

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