Manual Stack Splitting

Add an option when splitting stacks (perhaps when holding the shift key) that opens a window where you type in how many items you want moved, rather than automatically taking half.

It’s a huge pain not being able to control stack sizes precisely.


On Xbox you select the stack with A (you know so it gets a yellow border) and move it to another spot and it will ask how many…
Handy thing to ‘discover’ by accident…

Already exists, though it was bugged recently (where it would always take half even if you specified otherwise), can’t remember if that got fixed (if not it’s probably fixed on TestLive)

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I’ve encountered a bug, which points exactly to your suggestion.
You can see a step by step instruction in this thread:

It refers also to the bug @Mikey described.

OMG. A bug that exists on the PC but not Xbox… truely we are blessed… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Bet ya we’ll have that bug after next patch…

And I’ll still say these guys are doing a good job…
the last game I knew the be bug free, but had a big exploit was the original Elite… programmed in 48k. So there were no excuses for bugs…
Now with gigs of data… stuff happens…

Oh I was reminiscing, not poking fun at you, just to clarify…
Old Skool had the best games… now I’m poking fun… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep, it’s like this on PS4 too.

Just click the stack, click an empty spot, and adjust a slider. The only improvement needed is a way to jump the slider by 10 instead of 1, if desired.

On PC, you just drag the stack from one slot to another while holding Shift, and you’ll receive a dialog asking you to type the amount of the split.

Note: As was noted above, you have to press Enter rather than clicking OK for this to work.

Also Note: If you try doing this within the same container (i.e. your character or on a bench vs. bench to character), then that container must be set to Custom sorting mode, otherwise the manual split fails.

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