FAT32 Error but NTFS is the Drive Format

Game mode: Online official or All
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: North America

I don’t know if this is a Steam Bug or a Conan Bug, but it only ever happens with a Conan update
Update stops and steam reports it can’t install to a FAT32 drive, My Drive is and always has been NTFS

Checking local files and restarting the computer clearing cache, running a CRC seems to get the update to finish downloading.


Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Conan updates
  2. Steam shows a FAT32 drive error
  3. Various basic computer shenanigans
  4. Conan finally updates

So far, nothing is working for this update, and I am unable to play at this time.

A question without any answers prepared: is drive in question

  • OS drive, default Steam game folder
  • OS drive, alternate game folder
  • other built in drive
  • external drive

Built in drive, but is a secondary drive. IE OS is on a different internal drive.
it is the default steam folder.

I have two internal drives, my OS is Win10 and is drive C
Steam is installed on second Drive, drive D, Conan is also in this drive.

I am currently trying a full uninstall reinstall as nothing else has worked.
I have also uninstalled every other game on the D drive because I thought it might be a drive space issue.

ugh, was writing an answer about that.
if you did not uninstall yet, stop, and reply please

if you already did uninstall, maybe install Steam on C, define game folder on D and install games on D
(that would be the sum of my suggestion without reinstalling games)

Edit: not finished but reply would go like

It would seem that Steam is the core of the problem here.

I have 2 suggestions you can try (I will not guarantee it will work, but following instruction you will at the most lose few minutes)

  1. create alternate game folder on that secondary drive, “x:\games2”, move “steamapps” folder there, appoint that folder in Steam, restart, verify (takes some file changing to get there)

  2. move “steamapps” folder (your default game folder) somewhere else on that drive, like “x:\games2”, uninstall Steam. Reinstall Steam on OS drive. After that, assign new games location and verify.

Upon further inspection this appears to be a HD malfunction in my system.
I have ordered a replacement SSD.

So this Bug report can be disregarded.

Thank you @Meo for you time. And thanks to everyone at funcom for this game.

@Hugo this thread can be closed, or deleted.

I’m sorry for a false alarm


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