Fatal Error - D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006- 'HUNG')

So I have just around 600 hours logged into the game. I’ve had no issues playing since it was still in early access. Then this patch came out yesterday and I cannot play at all. I cannot get past the main menu without the game crashing. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Same problem. I updated my graphics card drivers then uninstalled and reinstalled the game again. Same problem. I’ve searched online for hours and have seen this exact error occure in just about every game that uses the UE4 engine but still, not solutions. I downlaoded the EVGA Precision XOC program from steam and underclocked my GPU and I can now at least get to the screen where the list of servers starts to populate but still, the game crashed before I can do anything. Sometimes I get a box with the message in the title of the post. Some times a box that just says “fatal error”. Sometimes no box at all the game just goes POOF and disapears.

I’m in the exact same situation, except I crash at the main menu.

Yeah I was crashing at the main menu, and sometimes still do. But underclocking my GPU bought me a slight bit more time not that it makes a difference.

Any ideas how to fix this problem?