Fatal Error... Game Crash at StartUp

Game mode: Crash at StartUp
Type of issue: Crash at StartUP
Server type: Crash at StartUP
Region: Germay
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

I can’t Stran the game because it crashes at the start with a Fatal Error.
Screenshot 2021-08-25 194527

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I had the same error and the only thing that helped was full reinstall. It sucks but it works :woman_shrugging:

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I have already reinstalled Conan 2 times

this is not a solution reinstalling the game does not work for some of my members who before the update could log on and now no longer can , reinstalling does not work for everyone, something is seriously wrong with your game, sadly it is killing off my community and has become pointless to play this game that after every update it is so broken we have to wait a week before we can play, it is the only game i have that is run this way, every update is a pain, I personally have not had these issues that everyone else has had never had to uninstall reinstall my game never had to remove mods , I feel i have become a tech support for your game trying to get people to load into my server sort it out funcom

I have now deleted it … it doesn’t matter … then I play something else I have enough to choose from … there doesn’t seem to be any real solution to my problem … Oh yes, I have new Windows too installed … but the error remains the same … and I paid so much money for it … got all the DLC’s and the game just doesn’t start … it doesn’t matter …

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