Fatal Error! The UE4-ConanSandbox Game has crashed and will

Dedicated server on local network using Dedicated Server Launcher. Ports are all green
Server shows in list with ping of 9999 which I’ve read does not matter locally.
Others can connect and play. If I try to connect through server list, it times out.
When I try to “Direct Connect” using my local server ip and port (i.e. from another PC on the network, the game immediately crashed with the error
The UE4-ConanSandbox Game has crashed and will … Fatal Error
Is Windows 11 and issue? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have added my clients log file.
I’ve tried 2 different local PC’s now, one Windows 10, the other windows 11. I get the same Fatal Error on both systems immediately after trying to direct connect. I’ve tried turning off the firewall on the server and the client. I’ve made sure there was only a single steam client running. I’ve updated drivers. I’ve tried with battleeye installed and uninstalled. BTW, the server is running Server 2012 R2.
This was a complete new server download from steam CMD. I had a server running a few years ago and I updated it through steamCMD. I did not change any settings and started from the same batch file that I used to run it wiht. When I try to connect locally from one of my PC’s, I get the same fatal error.
I can log into another dedicated server via the list, I just cannot log into my own server. I’ve been running ark servers for years and have no problems connecting locally. Anyone have any other suggestions?

ConanSandbox.log (42.6 KB)

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