Feature Suggestion: Seamless travel between Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah

Again the boxed in thinking…
You seem to think that only “gportal” exists and that funcom has the same deals on there as you if you wish to rent a server…
I am not making it more complicated than it is… I am suggesting an actual way to include the expansion into the main game. And yes I am aware that if Funcom initially wanted to do it like that, they probably would have, however that’s why I am making a suggestion?.. Isn’t that why this place exists?

So to clarify… I never said anything about funcom’s official server hosting… This isn’t about server transfers at all… this is about changing the game… in such a way that you can seamlessly go from one map to the other, without logging out… without switching to another server… but walking up to an obelisk or something in-game… and getting loaded on to the other map as if you just fast-travelled there…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and wager that you’re one of “those” people who mainly do PvP in this game and are terrified of any potential change that may upset your “balance” and that’s why you’re automatically trying to find excuses as to why any change should not be made etc etc. Am I close to the truth here? No offense, but that hostility has to come from somewhere and to me it seems that you really do not want to add anything productive to these discussions, but rather try to find ways why it can’t be or shouldn’t be done?

Now to answer your question as to “Why would it be worth it for funcom to redesign their game to use up twice the server resources when they can keep it separate?”
Because… money?..
How many people bought their expansion?.. How many more would buy it if it was part of and accessible through the Exiled Lands and you could go over there, learn feats, have a base there as well just like you can in the north (keep in mind, that was an expansion too, it was simply a free one as an apology for a plethora of issues at the time, and yes that one they added to the old map since they had the space, this one they could just keep as a separate level and have a loading screen)

I know for a fact that sales would sky-rocket if that was introduced, there are a LOT of people that simply don’t buy the expansion atm because they prefer the EL map, but they might like the new weapons and feats… they just don’t want a completely new unfamiliar land to play 100% of their game on.

As for the cost of servers… when hosting… the cost could be calculated as cost / person… and when the combined server would use twice the resources… (2 cores and 12 GB RAM going with your example) - it would also potentially be capable of supporting twice the playerbase… or close… so they could simply merge an EL and a Siptah server in pairs… and call it a day… I see no issue there.

Again, I appreciate your opinion and you clearly don’t wan this change, which you have stated, however if you cannot add anything productive to this discussion and merely wish to sabotage it… then it’s probably best if you just stay out of it. And also… before you ever tell anyone how they’re out of their depth… might I suggest you check the water levels around yourself? I’ll even let you use google to double-check those UE4 limits…

You have no idea how I think about this or how I play. You think you know that its doable, fine. Good luck with that.

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Fair enough! And I do apologize for assuming, you merely came across a bit unnecessarily hostile from the start.
No hard feelings thou - I hope, have a nice one!

Also, I think I made the mistake of trying to go into technicalities to begin with and brainstorming on how it could be done the easiest etc, which was taking away from the topic and the suggestion itself…

The suggestion is pretty much to: make it so that people can travel back and forth between the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah as if it was part of the same game, through the use of an ingame ship or portal device etc, ON the same server.
(without logging out to the main menu or any server transfers being involved, but potentially with the possibility of enabling / disabling this feature per server as to not upset the balance or force the choice on already established servers increasing their hardware requirements etc)

And let’s leave it up to the developers whether it’s possible or not and how they go about doing it if they choose to do it instead of speculating ourselves :slight_smile: Which pretty much means we can focus on the actual discussion… whether we’d like this feature or not, if yes then why if no then why, without trying to speculate on technical limitations why the devs could or couldn’t do it. I hope that’s fair enough now.

It’s a great suggestion that a lot of us would like to see, even if its possible or not. The tech stuff is far out of my realm.

We discussed this in a post way back. My suggestion was a sea port not far off pirate cove. Kind of like a chartered trade ship or something. Maybe with a condition like payment or being a member of the crew etc. I imagine it won’t happen ever because it’s too difficult to make.

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When Siptah was announced as a new map, my original hope was that it would make use of the ‘end game’ mechanic.

In EL: gather the parts and remove the bracelet. Cutscene runs with walk out of the EL as normal. And with option to head overland (end game) or board a ship for home (contine). Cutscene for Siptah runs and player character awakens on the beach following the storm.

In Siptah: Gather materials and relics from the vaults. flight to the top of the tower during the maelstrom. use the relics, causing the maelstrom to collapse and a surge to begin. incidental portals open all across the island, but the one the player cares about is at the top of the towers. End game option spawns cutscene off player getting home. Continue option has tentacles grab the character and toss them into another portal. character awakens at the start of EL in the desert.

In both cases, start over gathering materials, though character retains skills and levels earned.

Then, once it launched, I thought the wild surge could have been a way for players to transfer to Siptah with Leyshrines a means to transfer back to EL. In either case, only with what the character could carry with them without exceeding base weight limits.

Then wild surge got removed and the maelstrom neutered. A server transfer option was implemented that was at the same time more and less what I had hoped. It failed badly. Development shifted to the oft demanded magic for conan players.

While i’d love an option to essentially easily to move from map to map without losing gear, thralls and pets, etc. I believe it should be only unrestricted on solo, optional for private servers, and not available on public servers.

Kinda like what has already been offered by the mod community. A mod that makes it optional on the private servers.

We are on a modded server system and has linked all three maps together (savage wilds being the third).
sure is fun, tho you die every time you transfer.

Thats why the idea to bound EL server to Siptah server seems not too bad, someone did suggested a long time ago, before implementation of transfers. To be more clear I mean that each Siptah server would have an own EL server. In the past that idea was cool. But lore wise it doesnt fit sadly.

If we were looking at it from a lore perspective you could allow the transfer after you remove the bracelet in EL.

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Did you read how exactly your journey starts on the Siptah map?

I did and they can adjust the lore for the benefit of gameplay.

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