Feedback of patch 02.03.2019


after getting back to Conan Exiles after a longer period of not playing it and today we got this update.
I like the changes you did so far. Only with removing hunger from the NPCs i am not quite sure if i am happy with it.
Following my feedback after playing it for some time again and with this update.

The whole “agriculture” should be more of a resource cycle.
Should also produce insects not only the the fat ones. Which is a nice addition that we get them now.

Should produce as long as there is a grown plant in it seeds.

I dont know how much you have reworked the KI but today i had for the first time with Shield Warriors who actual block (for me not often enough, but no evading) and Rikkor the baker (evading from my attacks, trying to flank me, round me to hit me in the back) fight that where actual fights and not just monotonous one time attackings. The archers are way to slow to change between Melee and Range attacks.

I hope you can make this more often. The fights should be more challenging.

The now spawning corrupted creatures seems a but hard. i got killed with a flawless perfected medium armor within 3 attacks form the corrupted sabertooth. Only with my Queen which killed it i could get ride of it.

I still miss a deathblow option when you have knocked out someone with combat weapons.

Maybe they should alarm their NPCs to help them. Specially in Sepermeru i find it kinda strange that a group i attack and a group only a few meters before me doesnt try to help.

Maybe we could use the coins to bribe the NPCs to get us someone we want out of the City or that they dont look when you knock him down.

The T4 need more health. I was now perma farming New Asagarth for Njoror and found the new (?) Chieftan mechanic which spawn in every Profession (Archer, Warrior, Smith, Armorer etc etc) but each of the 2 level 2-3 warriors before him had more health then the T4 Warrior Chieftan Vurulf or Slaverchieftan Raga, Archerchieftan Alfhild and so on.
I hate it that they lose their gear (armor) and specially i hate it that the Chieftans are reduced to normal size. The Chieftains where all pretty big after enslaving them and breaking them inside the Wheelthey are back to normal sizing.

Companion Setting:
I still miss Options to set your Companions inside and outside of battle.

I miss some sort of Transportation system to bring your Thralls and Pets in larger numbers to a new location.

The quickbar shoudl be reworked. 3 parted

  1. Food and Healing stuff maybe also Buffs
  2. Tools maybe one slot with selectable tools by holding longer this button
  3. Combat Weapons and Trenchoun and

Set Boni should be settable on the Armor you want not be determinted. Also would it be nice to make the Armor avialable on every Biome. Maybe would could get a Tailor Bench to add additional Lining or change it to make the ssame Armor work on different Biomes.
Maybe we could get some sort of carmoflauge when we dress inside Vanir Cloth and can get into the city without attacking and knock them out faster when we hit them from behind.

I like it that we now have 1k Stone and Wood stacks but it would have been nice if you could reworked all resources.
I dont see why for example some plants have 100 other have 20 and so on.

I find it kinda annoying that i cant build a caravan with a few camels, Thralls and Pets because i dont want always to have 5 at carrying to run around with 500% weight.

Server searching:
Option for dont show servers with password.

The spawning of the corrupted animals (a.k.a. elite animals) is something we should be able turn off in server settings. This is my only real real gripe with the patch so far, aside from the unlimited feat point gain but that, at least, can be avoided.

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Intro Videos:

I hope we get an option to deactivate them. I find it annoying that i need with each update/check to change the + into a - inside the DefaultGame.ini


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It would be nice if we could use the Obelisks to teleport back to our own Map Room.
And i would like 1 or max 2 more of those Obelisks when it doesnt break the Lore or intention. I miss one at K4.

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Many enemies are now running up to somewhere and staying their until you attack them and then the combat starts.

to Kendaric:
I dont see a flaw in it with gaining more points. So before you drink a potion to reskill your feat points now you can farm loot to increase them. I find the second option way better and less annoying.
You have for reskill potion full, attributs or feat. Now you can at least get more feat points. You can get more attribut points by armor and warpaint. I would like it if we could receive more knocklegde by killing, reading or doing stuff. Like we have it with the serpentine weapons and the legion armor (to bad it is only avialable in heavy)

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Welcome everyone. I am playing in offline single player mode.When I die, I don’t get any tombstone on map and also never able to find my corpse to recover my items. Is this normal ?
I haven’t played online yet & im very new to the game. I’ve resorted to switching off “Drop items upon death” in Admin as I was unable to resolve the problem. I know the game is a work in progress & was only released to console in May 2018, so I understand there is much more to come . I’m enjoying this game very much ! Can the developers & PR people please show more of a pressense for the PS4 community and give us updates more frequently . I see that this game gets massive patches,updates & lot’s of support for P.C but PS4 version seems very far behind. Loving this game ! Keep up the great work .

It’s a matter of personal preference. I simply prefer having less feat points available and no way easy way to respec, as it makes choices more meaningful.

But to each their own, I guess.

I mean ya, I guess, but are feat points really that impactful? They are recipes, mostly to make cool stuff. Now attributes on the other hand, you have to be more careful with those. Plus its not like you unlock every feat over night, you still have to work for it, and while you are doing that you still have to be strategic in your feat choices.

Not that I think your opinion is wrong, just openly discussing it. I am curious to see how your frame of mind works as I suspect you have an angle I hadn’t considered.

And in such a way if you play SP you just spend all you feat points for building and survival and can’t decorate your base… Yes of course I can respec as many times as I like in SP but it is not honest I think. Now there is a legal way to get extra points, but it is not easy - and it’s honest.

My problem is less with having extra feats points, but rather with having no limit to them. I’m of a mindset that players in a survival game should be starved for skill/feat points.
That mindset may well be grounded in the fact that in my first survival game (Life is Feudal: Your Own) skill points were scarce and you were forced to either be a “Jack of all Trades” or two truly master only one or two skills/crafts.
This way, while it was/is possible to play solo, it was difficult and encouraged either joining a guild or trade with other players.

I can certainly see why players want more feat points, it’s just not the way I play but as long as I’m not forced to enter the Unnamed City, it’s all good.

Edit: Also, bear in mind that I’m not a PvP player… so I already have a lot of feat points I don’t spend. I guess if I were a PvP player, it might be different since I’d need a lot more stuff besides decorations for my base.

That depends on whether you play with the purge active or not. As I’m not a fan of the implementation of the purge, I have it disabled in singleplayer. Also, I prefer to build in either sandstone or insulated wood, so that frees up a lot of feat points as well obviously.

I will not open new post.
First of all hello.
About this new patch, i split my opinion in 2.
The new Unnamed City: It is a nice idea and brings something fresh to the game however:
- The new NPC are just sponge damage nothing new they have no brain they just spam and spam skill, you move left they attack on your old position (nothing new just more time spend on them)

  • The loot: Well now is where you made some of the beauty of the game diaper
    • Boss drop was Alchemical Base (Before this patch Alchemical Base was something you seed time to make now is just one think that drops) you shorten our game play time
    • Legendary repair kit (before was something to have and use a legendary weapon - only one who cod reaper it was the purge Armorer and you build and you w8 and for purge to to come and so on, now is just a another item no value, you go there you farm 1h you get repair kit job done)
  • When NPC strike you get to much corruption you did not make the game hard you just make-it annoying cause you need to come with dancer or build small house 4x1 where you put a dancer and visit him after each fight)
  • Overall you made the game much easy and more annoying


  • Doors hp are down to half (now we build huge way huge and fps drop with any block you add, “Yes you work on performance update but is not done so you just add to the problem”)
  • Dragon Powder price drop ( at this point i understand you want that PVP players do pvp with stone weapons, you basically wipe all small clans
  • You make the base more vulnerable - Advantage to attackers
  • You made Explosive Jar cheaper - Advantage to attackers
  • We cannot protect with a god 30 Min till protection is on - Advantage to attackers
    If you are a clan of 2 or 3 in this game (and majority of clans have 2/3 members) you become a material farm for bigger clan`s (they will pillage you every week cause they can cause you give them the meas to do-it.
  • Poison damage on weapons:
  • You add more Poison in to the game but nothing to fight against it (you cannot carry 100 potion with you)
  • Where is the skill/ability that will allow me to have a decent damage and some protection against this Poison, a armor piece a shilled that grants me immunity. - Advantage to attackers
  • Stamina Exploit is still in game

All you did was give more to the stronger clans - Advantage to attackers
At this point PVP is all about numbers no skill no strategy

My name is Legion - for we are many

Missing Information about items and new content (i agree with not posting step buy step i was aspecting to found a scroll in game with some information or a hint why this NPC appear over night and why they drop this new Fragment of power and why and where this new weapons and station, it feels like you add new things juts to be there so players will stop complain, “Put a lil effort mate”

All this patch did was unbalance more the PVP and made allot of far areas useless for PVE (you have shorter the game time for PVE players)

Congratulation for:

  • Pick up station, chests
  • Elite NPC
  • Lets say new Bosses (they a re still idiots, climb a rock shoot them with a bow and enjoy your coffee will you watch your TV show)
  • New legendary weapons (some roomers about armors not shore if is true)

Unnamed City rework:
After running around in it and nearly clearing it, couldnt find the broodmother. I got 10 legendary repair kits (why??), 3 Fragments, 2 armor parts (+1 to all legs (which excist only in shoes and legs) and some legendary aquilion chest. The enemies were more annoying then challeging.

Please rework the KI System and KI Mechanic System. Go from Bullet Sponge to enemies that use a Ki and try to kill me and make it hard for me to kill them. (evade, blocking, parry, flanking, ranged attacks, etc etc)
The only hard enemy was the undead serpentine Boss and that only because he gives you bleeding and has 3 skulls which gives him at least 3 times the HP as normal Bosses in the Unnamed City. The bat was annoying too but not as annoying as the serpentine Boss. The two skeletons where just spamming Sword Dash.
The Relique hunter were kinda sad to fight against. The Boss was faster down then his 3 companions which didnt even try to fight me and just stand their and keep looking at me. They need more intelligence at all, better weapons and armors (one of them was with stone daggers and a setite armor^^) and offer a real fight.
The loot should be changed at all. The legendary repair kit should be a real rare drop inside the unnamed city. The Armors should be dropped in token form that you need to repair or activate them. Maybe you need Loot out of dungeons to repair them at an altar below the unnamed city. So that it is some sort of archivement when you get them and not just a loot shooter.

I am a PvE player so i cant tell much about the impact on the PvP this changes did.

You can eat the Relique Hunter hearts to remove the corruption.

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One and if you go with friends do you split it with your mate ? :slight_smile: Some thugs in this update have not bean take in consideration like multi player and excessive farm. Was just a opinion
Any way thx you for your replay.

Yeah, some sort of group buff for a higher chance for more loot expect legendary repair kits which should be not buffed as much as armors, weapons and so on.

Maybe you can split the heart in two so that each one has a corruption healing with have the amount of the full heart and maybe gives you a buff that makes you immun to the corruption for a few minutes.

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