Feedback on every new storage unit since 3.0

Ever since 3.0 dropped every new chest/closet added via the bazaar and battle pass stays open after you interact with them. In order to close them you have to interact with them again. Not only this, but the hitbox for its interaction changes. An open chest suddenly blocks a good portion of the chests near it. Does anyone else find this irksome? Obviously on major vs. minor issues this game faces this is extremely minor, but the option to be able to auto-close them would make the new chests significantly more appealing.


Yep. I don’t know if it’s a design choice or bug but auto-close really needs to be on these.


I personally lean towards it being intentional, I can think of quite a few times where having an open chest would have been ideal for a certain decoration set piece, especially with some of the more interesting chests.

That being said, an interact option to disable it would be a good convenience, I can imagine them staying open might only appeal to roleplayers/builders


I can get behind that but they need to have graphic of a full chest. If the metal chest is open, where are the ingots?


Agreed, it would make a lot more sense if chests, or at least the purpose-specific ones displayed a model of their contents


If it is intentional for building or RP, then it needs to be like the auto-closing doors: Able to be toggled off, but certainly not the default state.