Feedback: Server List Page Issues

Wife trying to log into a server for 2 hours…

Need a way to more reasonably refresh server ping beyond constant restarting of the game. This is very basic stuff that Conan Exiles needs in order to thrive and grow. Please deliver us some basic polish to the server join list and general user interface. These problems are super irritating, and can turn people away before they ever even get into the game. I don’t say this hatefully, just a big let down to see such a minor issue plague the game for so long.

Add a server queue, lets players refresh their pings. Don’t force people to restart their games for hours. The only reason we are still trying is cause of the fresh content, normally we would have bailed already for Dota2 after 5 minutes. Wife just spent $150 on Dota 2 Compendium lvls,… PLEASE, put some effort into this. It should not be a fight to log into the game. That money could be your money if you just made things easier. Step it up!

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