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I do have 280 IP like just of tokyo and SA are not challenging at all.


Easter Egg/Achievement: The morninglight wants their telemarketers to /smile. They’re very enthusiastic about a good /smile. They encourage all of their staff to /smile. Also to /smile at their manager, it’ll brighten their day. The night shift manager in particular seems rather down, stuck in that chair, I’m sure that a big wide /smile would motivate him to get up and move. Why not pay him a visit, don’t forget to /smile.


[Misc] Add unique skins to the game with most using assets already available - AR = BB Gun (rehash of a basic shotgun skin coloured differently but held like an AR); Blade = Light Saber (rehash of a basic sword with particle effects); Blood = Scrap book (like the one from the dead favored’s diary); chaos = manhole cover or dead drop item; elementalism = walkie talkie; fist = boxing gloves (not sure if this already exists); hammer = shovel; pistols = confetti shooter (rehash of a basic pistol skin coloured differently and with particle effects); shotgun = crossbow (not sure if this already exists).


[Misc] Some feedback on the additions to the Agent system with Dawn of the Morninglight.

  1. More Achievement-granted Agents? Great!

  2. More access to the desirable 7% weapon damage Agents? Great!

  3. New SA-only booster pack? Good idea - opportunity to throw some cash at Funcom for those who desire to, and a decent way to get a jump on the new ones early when the market is still crazy via Mark->Aurum conversion.

  4. New rare/chase Agents? Sure - it’s nice to have stuff to work towards or “Wow, I got X” drops.

  5. Some neat lore stuff in dossiers? More, please! (Loved the Hive callback, and looking forward to learning more about the Ouroboros at some point.)

All that said, while the ideas are solid, there are some problems with the implementation. If you play Blood or Hammer, you win! Free 7% weapon damage agent (and Ghu knows, with such pathetic DPS output and tissue-paper tanking ability, Hammer desperately needed the love, right?) Play AR, Pistol, Chaos, Blade or Shotgun? Do some missions, save up some MoF, one way or another you’ll get your seven percenter. Play Elementalism or Fist? Go grind regionals for Amir or Mihas (or whale out on boosters), 'cause you aren’t going to see Che or Mehmet drop before next February 30th.

Suggested fix going forward - new achievement-granted Agents should be generalists (Roman or Callie are good examples - they’re handy for any role/weapon). Future weapon-specific agents should all have the same general rarity.


Yes to everything, except scaling.

e.g. I stopped playing GW2 because of that. Nothing is more annoying than having to continiously fight your way through a horde of normally low-level mobs over and over again. Oh, so you’re level 80? Let’s scale you down to 10 and have a go at a freakin River Drake or Bandits for the x-time. Not fun.
Point is: No one forces you to overlevel or max out all the zones before you go after your story mission. I’m guessing most new players won’t until they finished their story and they’ll advance whenever the new zone / mission is unlocked. Gotta say though that TSW gave you the chance to try a zone or mission or die trying, so you’d know to come back later and train some more. I miss that like so many things. But meh, that’s offtopic


[Items/Pets] WTB Caterwaul, the good old Anarchy Online Caterwaul rifle, as a skin for SWL rifles, complete with the original sound effects.


[Achievements] We need some over the top corn farming achievement and golden shovel hammer skin as a reward.

And if you would be really evil, you would use this option how to give us that shovel hammer skin many people want.


[PvE] Break scenario rewards into chunks. So instead of 3 keys a day we get 12 and when a scenario ends (either by success of failure) spawn a number of chests depending on how far we got. So we’d get a chest with a glyph distillate in for each of the two waves plus the first boss and the final boss would give a better chest with the rest of the stuff in. Getting a “blue” chest would make all of them give better rewards but should only be possible if the final boss was defeated.

That would make them much more appealing to people who are still learning or people with limited play time (since you currently get nothing at all for your time if you fail at the final boss). Obviously only count full clears for achievements and such though.


So why is it that the game tries to Nanny us so much in some areas, but not at all in others?

I think one of the biggest complaints that most people have about the inventory system is the inability to simply delete items. Why can’t I throw out a junk cache-belt to make room, but the game will happily allow me to delete distillates of enormous size. I discovered this recently when trying to move items around in my bag and the game (mistakenly) believed I tried to drag a 42k distillate out of my bags. It popped up the prompt cheerfully asking if I was sure I wanted to delete that. Luckily, I caught it and saved myself and an unlucky GM a /petition. But that Faded Belt of Poo, I can’t delete. I’m forced to stop what I’m doing to find a vendor or waste the shards putting it into one of my Legendary belts for effectively zero xp (0.0025% of one level is close enough to zero for me).


Clothing request:

We have the flak vest in blue and green. How about a red one? Or even faction colored ones with the faction symbol on the front?


There needs to be some kind of penalty applied to people who are kicked. I’m tired of people voting to retreat after the first wipe and then refusing to move and asking for a kick resulting in me and my 3 cabal mates waiting 10 minutes for a replacement. Just happened now and I’m sick of it. I accidentally hit a CD early on a boss and didn’t have it when I needed it and it was instant vote to retreat and we said no, but this one non-cabal person obstinately just stood in the well “kick me”. Yea, I’d definitely kick you if I could. ѕhit happens. Grow up and get over yourself. This happens far too often on just a single wipe. Like I said, ѕhit happens sometimes.


But I had situations when people had to go and asked to kick them so everyone else could keep going. They wouldn’t care about temporal debuff though if they tell truth. But then we can choose reasons for kick and some of them could use, I dunno, maybe big screen with community rules that can’t be closed for few minutes. :thinking:


You being able to give that guy deserter by kicking him wouldn’t have solved your problem though. If anything people who just want fast runs are going to be more likely to leave early so they can start the 30 minute wait right away, rather than wiping for half an hour and then eating the debuff.

This sort of thing might get a bit better on its own if and when dungeon balance is addressed but giving players the ability to take punitive action against each other isn’t a great idea. Making the ignore list server-side so groupfinder can use it as a filter is a much better solution.


No, we just want them to not be able to evade the built-in deserter penalty by being obnoxious geese about it.


“If people don’t want to play in a group with me, I should be able to force them to” seems like a rational position to take.

There’s a reason kicking people doesn’t give them deserter and it’s specifically to prevent abuse. I don’t really see “giving 3 man premades the power to lock people out of content on a whim” as a reasonable trade for “literally no benefit whatsoever”. I mean, you could just pretend that kicking someone gives them deserter and it would have exactly the same effect on your game unless you get that person back in your group, which (as I understand it) is your desired outcome. :v:


Pretty sure the desired outcome is to discourage one person holding a group hostage demanding a kick.


How are they holding you hostage? Just kick them.


Thus encouraging them to continue being jackasses to other groups in order to avoid the deserter mechanic. They ARE deserting. They should get the deserter debuff.


Yes, we should absolutely make it trivially easy for groups of three players to grief people just so that you can feel JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE. There is literally zero practical benefit - if they join another group, that group can kick them too. :v:


Last word. You realize your argument here is the same one used to argue against server-side ignore lists, which you advocated for a few posts ago? Something to consider.