Feedback & Suggestions



[Items/Pets] Shovel skin for Hammer.


[Items/Pets] Make the skins of the cache weapons (blues and purples both) available for direct purchase (with Marks, or Aurum, or 3rd Age Fragments, whatever). There are some great skins there, and I don’t want to have to buy a weapon I have no actual use for just to add the skin to my collection. (This would also be a decent Mark/Aurum/Fragment sink, since the currency would leave the economy.)


[Achievements] There is no actual achievement for getting expertise 50 with every weapon in the game. That’s a total oversight! I mean who actually does that, run enough content with ‘off’ weapons to get there? (Yes, me. Just because. It didn’t actually even occur to me until the home stretch this week that actually, it really is a bit weird there’s no achievement for it, given there’s achievements for just about anything.)



Wrath of the dawn

if u need to kill the adds with the mortar and u disengage from the mortar and get killed from the adds in combat they stop engaging u when u get back to the mortar and u cant kill them cus they are out of reach.

It is ok that it is intended to kill them with the mortar but make them engage if we get back to the mortar plz


[Achievement] We have an achievement for killing the Patchwork Juggernaut quickly. Why not the T-Rex. Schmidy says the achievement needs to be called Tyrannosaurus Rekt.


Maybe somewhat silly, but…

Make Berihun’s hat pick-up-able (That’s a word, honest) and a cosmetic item.


[PVE] Since the night portions of Dawn of the Morninglight are instanced anyway, I suggest scaling the mob difficulty to the players’ IP. I love the new zone, but with my IP of around 430 the mobs barely slowed me down.


[misc] Account bank where you can stash the lootbags (make them accountbound)
That way you can open it on the levling alt you are doing instead of on main, putting in guildbank and looging over… over and over.
Make it purchaseable with aurum, and same size as guildbank.

Also make the agent you get in the purcheaseable boxes accountbound, so you can put the duplicates on an alt. A waste to pay money to get a lot of duplicates that are worthless. Cant even sell them on market/ah. 2 hexcoins is not much compared to te aurum you spend. To send them over we would need to be able to send items between characters, or some other way.


Feedback/ Suggestions
(Note I’m trying to minimize spoilers so I’m not being as specific as I could be but hopefully enough for Funcom to pinpoint).

  • Please restore the 40 seconds of opening cutscene (right now it cuts after “Remember this…”), it introduces continuity problems having that footage missing (seeing the two and associating the voices; seeing the bees fly into your mouth - which is how you character learns where their power is coming from). Don’t even need to remove the vo during the tutorial missions since it will just reinforce that information. I know we brought this up in the beta but it’s important, especially since this is a story MMO!

  • Make a slight cut in the first cutscene to “The Prisoner”, where beardy Jerk refers to the end of Black Sun, Red Sand which in the reworking of the mission order hasn’t happened yet.

  • When you put in combat levels (I know Secret World sorta had levels with the gear grading), you introduced the problem other MMOs have been solving by removing them. If you want to leave them in maybe have combat always scale to you? (ESO) Or change the character effective level to the zone area or mission level? (GW2, STO) The way it is now, by the time you get to Black Sun, Red Sand, if you do every mission (and most RPG/story players do) you are about 10-12 levels higher than everything… that makes combat really, really boring (and combat, for me, is the least important thing to me in a game) and if I’m bored, that means people that get into combat are really, really bored…

  • Please add more faces/heads to the character creator. There isn’t enough variety and the stuff that is there looks like you’ve been beaten with an ugly stick (but changing existing presets will screw people up so just add more) (I’d even pay for account unlocks of more options)

  • Please consider account wide store unlocks for dressing room etc (you did have this in TSW - usually for a little extra money; I’m ok with that!). I’m more likely to buy if it’s for all characters.

  • Please add UI & keybind (separately) import/export for characters.

  • You made (mostly good) changes to “Dawning of an Endless Night” and “Black Sun, Red Sand” stories (adding more ‘meat’ and tying them into their zone stories more). But “Mortal Sins” is almost completely unchanged.

  • It would be very nice if there was an option to replay mission cutscenes (at least the opening ones), at least while you have the mission, and for all cutscenes of story missions. (Maybe in the museum if not somewhere in the UI?) (Sometimes cutscenes bug out or there’s an internet burp, etc.)

  • Please ensure that during a cutscene playback that other player costume effects (sprint fx, glowing eyes, etc), mounts, etc cannot appear in your view.

  • I’d like to see something like “Build Manager” also for Dressing Room so you could essentially “create” an outfit to maintain certain ‘looks’ (there are mods/addons that can do this but it should be just in the game)


“It’s been suggested before, yes - even before we released the feature. We’d love to do it, but we lack the resources to create a mobile companion app.”

@andyb If you make an read only API for data (perhaps even let users set an API key in their account) you could let the community build companion apps (for any OS or web) - provide info like the old TSW website had. (Still some work creating an API of course but that should be less work than making the app itself.)


What’s the point of having levelling if everything in game is always your level due to scaling? Yes, if you complete everything you end up ahead of the curve (temporarily) but I bet most players don’t do that. Also, going away to level up a little when you get stuck is an important and intuitive tool for players to have.


[Agent UI / Icon]
Can we have a specific icon (may be blurry yellow) for:
elite mission is available AND no agent spot mission available ?

for now, there a only 3 states of icon:
no agent spot mission is available (all on CD) : no icon
one or more agent spot mission is available : white icon
elite mission available: yellow icon


I’d personally would like state of icon ‘there’s elite missions AND hey, there are missions that are done, check them and not ignore it thinking you have no one to complete elite anyway so no need to open it’.

As well as ‘elite missions is here but no of your agents can be sent there because they suck and have less than 30% chance’.


I wouldn’t mind the icon being highlighted when missions reroll too.


that is exactly my point, but in a different view:
elite AND NO missions possible = FALSE (blurry icon)
elite AND mission(s) possible = TRUE (existing yellow icon)


If you remove combat level differences, leveling is still used to gate (missions/zones/etc - in addition to having other requirements)
Even without levels Secret World still had xp gain to earn SP/AP points.

Removing combat level differences (either by scaling or not using them, etc) keeps the combat encounters from becoming completely boring.

(In this example, however, a level 50 character going back to Kingsmouth would still have an easier time since they have more ability points spent, better gear, etc.)

The only other thing I want say, as players shouldn’t end being bored from having a huge gap between their level and enemy mobs just because they wanted to do all the side quests and take their time going through a zone. The part that really hits me, is they solved this in the 2012 version and then broke it.


You still technically had levels, mobs challenge rating (and missions) was based off your gear level. You could punch zombies in the face at QL 10.4 for 1 XP a kill vs the amount a Straight Outta Kingsmouth player got. The symbols next to a mob denoted what it was by the icon and color. Red = you’re dead. Orange = difficult as finding a word that rhymes with orange. Yellow = Evenly matched fellow. Green = Bullying this mob is just mean. Blue = Why am I even bothering with you?

The difference here is the lower creatures know better than to waste my time and potentially knock me out of sprint for me to have to stop and 1 shot them.


Agent Vendor: Have him cycle some agent dossiers similarly to the agarthan cache vendor, so that people who’ve invested heavilly enough in the agent packs to have significant duplicates have some way of using those hex coins in the future that can reward them for previous patronage, instead of just another duplicate char bound agent.


I do have a IP of 646, and yes SA mobs are not a challenge at all.



First thank you that I got my Rocked Jump back. Was real fun using it.

Please Consider:
Instead of sending ppl into Shambala, or any other PVP map that might come back or not, with their weapons
send them in with:
Rocket Launcher
Boxing Gloves (a movement skill is needed here)

give all weapons set skills, some might need to be reworked and let us fight each other with that.
You could scale movement speed for specific weapons.

Rocked Launcher has a huge range so it would be ok to slow down its user so the others need to protect him.

that are just ideas but maybe you could do some magic later and make that happen

if anyone likes the idea feel free to like

or place some Rocket Launcher or Boxing Gloves in the fight clubs and see what happens