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Hello, Im Crush Krusher. Here to start some ideas to make a good game a masterpiece. First and simple: the ability to give feedback directly from game. Can be either integrating game masters (devs) or via tickets which is the cheapest and easiest to make happen. Second and not too important but replay wise very proactive, when you decide to finish making the key to the bracelet, instead of just deleting the character why not give something to the next character created. These could be titles, special items, special character creation cosmetic, crafting items, etc nothing too crazy but to show and to reward the player for the time spent in the game. This could increase the replay and the desire of players to play and keep playing the game. I have more ideas but please share yours. Thanks

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  1. Remove the normal artisan stuff from the DLC artisan tables. If I wanted to make those, I would just make a normal artisan table.

  2. Have some NPCs spawn with warpaints on them. The warpaints could still wear off over time to keep it consistent. Having functional ones could buff them to make fights more varied.

  3. Freeze the grid coordinate reference. So that when I scroll around the map, I can see what letter and number I’m looking at.

  4. Might be interesting to let station thralls be able to repair the station they are attached to. If you place the material needed to repair the station they are on, it will passively heal itself as the station thrall fixes their station.
    (Maybe make it a toggleable state, so that if you don’t want them consuming those resources, you can toggle it on/off)

  5. Some kind of server-wide event. Like maybe a 1/day or 1/week rare boss spawn or event. That sends an alert to all players. In-game lore reason could be the bracelet informing the players that something is up. It’d send the notification to the discord webhooks also.


I would like owned Workstation Thralls to be in-world thralls you must fight to capture also.

My reasoning behind this is simple…

  • I worked to capture it and I feel similar effort should be put forth by the enemy.

  • This would make them additional base defences.

  • Could accidentally die, thus botching a capture if the enemy isn’t careful or simply be killed out of a**hattery.

  • Starvation and Death, accidental or otherwise, would help pull thralls out of the game.


  • It would make the thrall capturing portion of raids both more risky and engaging.

Additionally, Bedrolls should take increased damage from weapons. An extremely low cost quick deployable respawn node with significant strategic utility should not take 50 wacks to destroy.

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Update turns it on. Another one turns it off. As long as the server stays updated, it would work just like on official servers.

Wasn’t around for that, so I can’t say. :wink:

The alert is for anyone who’s on the server and the server event only works when the server is operating. So if there’s nobody inside but the server is alive, there’s a hidden timer to a server wide event. Could be a global purge, or a tough boss, or rare loot spawned hidden in the map or a travelling merchant, etc.

For single player, it operates only when you’re playing. It’s just a hidden countdown timer to an event. It only counts down when the game is active. When you play singleplayer, you’re technically you’re own server.

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Maybe some way to collect rainwater might be fun. More ways that weather affects us might be interesting.

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