Feeding Pets? Cannot ride them? And Thralls are just parking around and breath?

“Think of it as a decay system for pets and thralls. It will help remove pets and thralls that have been abandoned by players, reducing stress on the server databases.”



You feed pets and thralls by putting food into their inventory, but there will also be special Feed Boxes and Thrall Pots that you can use to distribute food to them automatically. Any food will work as pet food and thrall food.

If the feed boxes and thrall pots have a range, I will commit Seppukku.


Everything suggests they will have (why else would they be in plural) but I dearly hope I’m wrong.

Why can’t I make my thralls eat out of the animal trough, like the beasts they are?

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Cuz humans prefer pot.

yay, they buy our idea!!!

ARRFFFF :triumph:

I got wheel outposts all over the world, which I have a garrison of 2 thralls defending on each…
URGGGHHHH it’s ARK all over again, this time without a wyvern to transport the meat with. :sob:

Ah well. Small inconvenience for greater gains.
Not like I don’t have to go around these outposts anyway to refresh the timers and put food into the wheels on a “Volcano Thrall capping” patrol. At least I can use the excess food for something good…

Those thralls better not eat like pregnant women tho.

And there better be a “grace period” before a thrall starts to starve.

Imagine logging in after patch and pooof…all the danm thralls starved.


I hope you’re not referring to the “stranded thralls” thing, because this has got to be the laziest fix to that problem I’ve ever seen. Actually no, not lazy - they’re probably doing more work than otherwise necessary.

But it’s typical of how issues are (not) fixed: Instead of going for the core issue (thralls are not removed when structures decay), features are added on top until no-one has a snowball’s chance in hell of knowing what is connected where.

Hopefully that didn’t play a role in the decision process leading to burdening players with yet more life-consuming micro management, but I have a sinking feeling it was a deciding factor.


I think Funcom needed an organic solution to a recurring problem, and feeding thralls was just the perfect timing for Jhebbal Sag update. 2 birds with 1 stone as it were. It just meshed well.

Their original solution of “nuking the thralls out of the sky” felt too artificial?

But I also think making abandoned thralls “claimable” would have solved the problem even better. They’d be so gone, faster than a starship entering hyperspace. But alas… i’m sure it is deemed fairer, and more conducive to the game if all players are made to earn their thralls.

Well, yes. I suppose so. It’s just… the core issue (whatever it technically is) means there’s an essential disconnect between thralls and the structures they belong to. I don’t know if they’ve solved that issue - but I have a feeling not. If it was, much of my worry is misplaced.

But if it wasn’t solved, having thralls die from hunger is just a layer on top, probably masking the real issue a lot of the time, but if (when) it fails, the old issue shows through. And the more layers you add on top, the more impossible it becomes to fix without touching a bunch of semi-related features, and hey presto you get fixes that break a dozen other features.

Like I said, I can’t say if it’s the case in this particular case - but it’s symptomatic of how a lot of past issues have been masked rather than solved, and that probably plays a role in the current game feeling “unstable”, and being so apparently difficult to bugfix.

I just hope food spoilage will be MUCH lower in these troughs, because otherwise this game turns into even more of a chore simulator, and it doesn’t need that. Thralls are not an optional feature, what with (offline!) purges being mandatory, so it’s not like I can just choose not to use them, either.


I actually totally agree with you.
I also feel Funcom have dug themselves into a coding hole. if Unreal Engine used C#, it’d be no issue…but they are using C++. I don’t care what programmers from the 80’s with 30+ experience in programming have to say about C++. C++ is freakin --hard–. I actually took a course in C++, and i’m not ashamed to admit I flunked it hard. It’s a bit like the Czech language. Unnecessarily complicated, but if you master it, you deserve a “Doctor” title.

I always wondered why Dinosaurs in ARK have decay timers just like the structures do, if they eventually starve anyway…

As far as I know, adding a timer into a ■■■■ blueprint in Unreal is easy. So easy, I think it’s an oversight. They’ve simply never gotten to discuss the disposal of thralls during early access cuz they simply just had to wipe the servers. Nobody saw it as an issue. Everyone thought Funcom already had a system in place for that.

I think the disconnect between structure and thralls is 1 is a static object, while the other is a dynamic object.
They also happen to be 2 entirely different classes in Unreal.

Also, to make anything communicate with the thralls, one must use what’s called “casting” in programming…
basically …everything you want a thrall to do is by programmatic inception. You make the thrall think it’s their idea to do what you want. “casting” is like… saying someone’s name, then treating that name as yourself. It’s hard to explain O_o danm C++ :stuck_out_tongue:

And it’s really hard to make the thralls work as some sort of hive-mind connected to static objects…


Well I’m not micromanaging this sht
Time to kill all my thralls I have 5 little villages in 5 dif parts of the map each 20-30 population all going to die now Because they are too dumb to eat by themselves.
Doesn’t really bother me any way I’m a single player so just spawn food in for them and focus on my survival as for any any one playing single player legit good luck with the purges yo fu

I think they mentioned something that would allow Thralls to eat from said place able though I did make a suggestion of a new kind of thrall or use of an archer thrall to scavenge food to fill up said item as to make it less of a hassle.

The only thing that really annoys me is they said you put food in the thralls inventory witch takes me back to my previous comment
About worker thralls that don’t leave their stations
Will food take up an inventory spot in those stations ?
Will I now have food in my smelters, armours benches, black smithy, Fire couldrens, Ect
If that’s the case they better add an extra slot or it’s straight back in the box with them.


I’m anticipating the implementation of this mechanic by putting a part stack of gruel in each of my thralls inventory as I go to each base to refresh the decay timer.
Atleast those of us who follow the forums etc will know that this is incoming and plan for it … I feel for the many who have no interest in reading the forums and just play who will find out the hard way when their thralls expire in front of them suddenly one day…
I hope that the new mechanic will be clearly explained on the side-notes as you load up the game so those who don’t haunt the various media sites have the best chance of finding out about it.


when you see a base with 200 liams, lying around… well… haha.

the solution is elegant,. but i do hope its well implemented.

I don’t see the problem, people login to reset the decay timer and log off again. now they will at least play for 5 min as they have to give the useless thralls who do nothing, food… yes… food lol, the game statistics will go up. Talking about a funcom style fix for the floating thralls… sigh…

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The Feeding box and Thrall pots have a 50 meter radius, without a range indicator…
It will only show the names of thralls that are in range… like… Cimmerian Berserker x 27…


Such comments are unnecessary and unprofessional.

Exactly. Thanks

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