Feeding the Troops, and Civilians

When the feeding system was in placed it was met with mixed feelings, well, as it was presented. I feel it should be there in some fashion as this is a survival game, and not a mmo. Truthfully, I was one that felt it should be there for that reason and did not care for those who wanted a legion, and not have to maintain it. After all, throughout all of history feeding the army was always an issue.
Later though, I was thinking on those that opposed it, and started to see, their side of it, but in a much different point of view. After all our characters become Queens and Kings by their own hands in this Exile lands (Hunger Games Conan style). Those persons should not be the ones doing the feeding, that is what the ‘little people’ are for… the art of delegation.
Sooo…. my thought is to have a ‘kitchen’ station, it would except a cook thrall, and that kitchen station would ‘feed’ a number of people (say 40 as an example) in a determine radius. With each rank of Cook adds to the maximum number of thralls that can be fed. It would be in a stylised fashion, no adding food to the station as it is assumed the little people doing the getting and the Cook providing, thus no need to feed them by the said Queen and/or King. This Kitchen station effects stack with each other, so more kitchens more thralls one can have. It would also tie the Thralls to the decay system, as the kitchen would go away, then the thralls starve to death. Which would be ironic… no kitchen and they forget to feed themselves.

I’ve been thinking about thralls for defense and other purposes for some time and I sort of want feeding back. I’d do it as follows.

  1. Reduce thrall hp by 50%-75%
  2. Enable healing for thralls using food.
  3. Enable buffs for thralls using culturally specific food
  4. Enable the use of shadespiced culturally specific foods to upgrade thralls one level.
  5. Enable renaming of thralls if they are fully upgraded.

The idea here is that you can capture a Carpenter I, then continunally upgrade it to Carpenter IV. Armorers would get the flawless recipes. You’d have a progressively lower success percentage per level as well as longer cook times.

You should also be able to upgrade fighter, bearer and archer thralls to Gold Border (combat thralls from below Nordheimer level would not have gold border even if named) and then to a one skull thralls (same hp as Mounds of the Dead named thralls) and finally to a three skull thrall (same hp as volcano thralls)

Ultimately if your thralls don’t get food they don’t die, but if they do lose hp they only heal if they have food and they heal continually if they do have food (hence the hp reduction)

Furthermore (this probably requires some significant change to game code) change the slots for thralls. 2 slots for main weapon (locked secondary for 2h weapons), 2 slots for backup weapon (e.g. one for bow and one for arrows, or one for 1h weaons and one for off hand throwing weapons) and 1 slot for food. This might help with the issues of thralls not attacking properly. This would mean fighters and archers do not carry loot at all.

Poison and bleed would of course be useful in preventing healing just like it does with players.

Good god. How many thralls do you need? @_@

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