Suggestion. Larder, Pantry, food locker

I would like to see a general area where you put food and drink for your thralls.
I think it would be more immersive to keep thralls fed and watered :slight_smile: once you have tamed them and equipped them you forget about them, I just think that since you have to keep a lot of other items stock up with fuel, that there should be a pantry, larder, banquet hall that you have to keep at a certain level or your thralls die off or desert you.

I get what you are saying. Id would love to see this but we may come back to this once we get animal tame and maybe we will see a bit more food and water for them. and we can see about converting animal feed to human feed.

What you are asking for is a new level of AI computing. It like training a dodo bird to fear for it life. But i do agree it would be that much more awsome. Maybe the Thrall cook could have a new function like he will feed all of your thrall for you and perhap with a little modding. We can see about making a thrall table of where its a table specifically design to lure thrall and feed thrall at a table adn make some dynamic route and more city life. But that a far away dream but if achieved… that would make CE the first game to support player world and city building with dynamic actor actually being human.