Feeding slaves and other innovations patch


The essence of the proposal: add an increase in the feeding radius of the slaves, if you place a cook there.

I was offered to create a topic in this section dedicated to the improvement of the feeding system.
The release of the released patch is very interesting. But the radius of feeding by the boiler is about 25 blocks, it is very sad.
This is really a problem for those who play long. This makes it necessary to spend several hours running between the boilers, which on one small base may need about 10 pieces. Thus, the player becomes a slave to the slaves.
Increasing the radius, for example, t0 - 25, t1 - 35, t2 - 50, t3 - 75, t4 - 100 blocks, would be a sensible decision and would make the innovation very interesting.

Consider this offer, please.

The message of one of the users pushed me to another interesting idea. The idea is to add utility to porters. What is lower.

  1. What if you make an increase in vault inventory, if you place a porter there?
    the porter has the experience of transferring a large number of things. He should be able to carefully pack everything.

Thus, to increase the inventory of the safe when a porter is placed in it, as an employee.
Numbers from the head: t1 - 320, t2 - 345, t3 - 375, t4 - 410.

That would be great and would make safes more useful. With the latest update, they have become little effective. And such an option would have smoothed the dissatisfaction of some :slight_smile:

  1. It is also possible to make the function invisible trade.

When a cook in a new slave feeding boiler can make bags with food. And in the new facility (trading station), the porter will sell for a small amount of coins or other resources (depending on the terrain). Time to sell, depending on the distance to the settlements from the station.

Thank you for attention.


In addition, I would like to announce a few small sentences here (so as not to create a lot of topics).

  1. Send a request to the clan

It is not always possible to catch the clan leader online. Very often, time zones do not match. This innovation would be very useful and not so cumbersome.
You can always leave a letter on the clan’s doorstep? :wink:

  1. Scaling interface.

It is not always possible to increase the resolution more than 1920x1080 (FullHD). Especially with the sore theme of optimization. Therefore, on large screens (for example, 40 “) everything looks very large. Even on the main monitor at 15.6” everything looks very large to me. The ability to reduce the size of the interface would make the game much more comfortable (for example, by 25-50-75-100%).

  1. Multi-level wardrobe.

The world of Conan is very amazing, but it lacks the usual and convenient things. It would be great to have a vault with different compartments, 3 vertical chests high.
This would greatly reduce the load on the server. Players would not have to use a huge number of chests. Besides, it is very beautiful. Even if you use the texture of three chests. After all, the compartments of the cabinet can be retractable? In the Middle Ages it was, and even before I think :slight_smile:

  1. The same amount of resources for triangular and square foundations.

Why are the foundations of tier 2 (with a protective coating of wood) and tier 3 (of black ice) the same cost in materials? The criminal block 4/7 and square are also 4/7. Other materials have different ratios (which is logical). Although it is not particularly important, but hurts the eyes.

  1. The first truncheon for stunning.
    Remove from the manufacture of the first baton skin.

It often happens that traveling around the world suddenly comes across a named slave. But run to the base for a baton for a very long time. At this point, they can take him away or just kill him. It is logical to have the opportunity to take a huge stick and stun her slave. But the trouble is, to create it, you need leather. To get the skin quickly in such conditions will not work. Therefore, I consider it necessary to remove the skin from the recipe.
You can make a rope, but there is no truncheon. Let it require more endurance (not comfortable use), although you can always wind it with ropes. You can soften the impact end with leaves (fibers) to minimize injuries.

  1. Tool for marking the territory.
    Add blocks of ropes for marking the territory.

In Konane it is quite difficult to build a beautiful and symmetrical large-sized building from the first time. At the same time, it is not possible to stretch the ropes to mark the territory (which has always been used in construction). During construction, you take more mining blocks for construction than you build. If there were such blocks, I would be just in seventh heaven with happiness. I think I’m not alone. :slight_smile:
There is even such a mod, you can see how it is implemented there.

  1. Add chitin to the tile roof.
    Diversify a little craft and get rid of now unnecessary chitin. And, it looks like. :slight_smile:

That’s all for now. Later I will add, if there is no objection.

Thank you for attention.

Totally love this idea.

Not only would it reduce excessive, unnecessary grind for those with large, sprawling bases (especially single-player builder types), it would make cooks feel much more valuable and exciting to capture. Plus, having cooks ‘distribute the food’ as it were, would fit neatly into believable, immersive gameplay and provide a sense of life to one’s base.



Plus, given how unpopular the thrall feeding was initially, anything that helps people to more easily deal with it will likely be very warmly received by players. Less grind, better cooks? Yes, please.


+1 to this

In addition to cooks of different tiers extending the distance the thrall pot can cover, they could also extend the decay timer of the food in the pot.
Currently I’ve observed that the thrall pot increases the timer by ten times Eg food that has decay of 2hours before spoiling in my inventory has a decay of about 20hours when I place it into the thrall pot.

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hi maybe this idea can help for Thrall Pot range too? (not just for Thrall Bearers to be able to act like food couriers for your pot range, but also food traders?) :slight_smile:

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A week has passed since the update and slaves remain a problem. The feeding system works as horrible. That feeds, it does not feed. Nearby there are two slaves, one well fed and the other hungry. Stand on one block.
Somewhere in the magazine slaves die of hunger.

What is the point for me to know that the kasdkyansdlkasf slave is starving if I do not know where it is? They have the same name. Why the coordinates are not written in the journal? Also with buildings?

Another suggestion!!!
Make a display of the coordinates for the alert “Slave fasting / dying” and “Destruction of the building \ Destruction of the building.”
Ideally, it would be generally displayed on the map as a purge alert.

Let’s say it broke 20 blocks. All of them are within a radius of 100-150 blocks. Here in this radius and put a label. Or as with avatars. In general, from a technical point of view, it is possible. This will not cause additional load. But it will make the game VERY COMFORTABLE.
Why this is not implemented yet, I do not understand.

As for the boiler for feeding.
I do not know how the work of the boiler is realized. Perhaps this idea will cause an additional load on the server. Because it is necessary to calculate more blocks. But if the system first receives the coordinates of all the slaves in the building, and then checks the range, then it is possible. Then will not cause additional load.
Therefore, from a technical point of view, this should be possible without increased server load.

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I agree. You are forced to use many slaves. Their feeding is difficult to control. Die, starve, where? Then it turns out that right on the base. Not enough radius of 1 block. The system is not finalized.

You promised to look and answer. :neutral_face:

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