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I’m new to the game and the forums. I can’t find any recent info about feeding. What do the thralls and animals eat? What can I use human flesh for? I have a crocodile as a pet. Can I feed him human flesh? Thanks for your help. All I could find was old posts, and people complaining.


The pets and thralls all have their preferred foods, but they’ll eat any food. If they have their best food, they get a damage buff. Personally for ease of use I use shellfish traps to feed myself and thralls I eat the exotic and they get everything else. Then I use normal fish traps to get food for pets, and put the rest of the fish in the fluid press for oil to run my furnaces.




Welcome. The previous poster is correct, they will eat anything however there is a little more to it if you are interested…
…what they eat as adults as their preferred food is what they will consume whilst growing up in the pen to give a chance at getting a greater version of the adult … but that doesn’t help you when you first get a baby to tame …
( check out the Conan exiles wiki if you don’t mind spoilers to help find out what the preferred food for the pet whilst in the animal pen to give better chance of getting a “greater” version of the pet.)
Once tamed, if you can leave in the pen and if they get their preferred food they will produce dung, or sometimes species specific items instead of dung.
If you place out into the world then they are like thralls and get an inventory. When you interact with them to look at their inventory/picture then at the bottom it has icons of their preferred foods.


Thanks. Very informative.


I am playing a single player modded game and when I get to the point of taking a thrall or pet I realized there was no crafting spot for the tamer pen or the feeder for thralls or pets in my feats or any other menu. What am I doing wrong or how can I fix this?


The thrall pot is one of the items you can craft when you select the first level of thrall taking feat and you craft it in a carpenters bench. It was added to the first level of thrall tamer (the one that allows you to make a lesser wheel of pain) after the thrall feeding was introduced.
The Animal Pen and feed box for tamed pets is made in a carpenters bench and can be made after you select the Apprentice tamer feat.
If you do not see the tamer feats or the thrall pot in thrall taker feat, or when feared you can not see in a carpenters bench then probably a mod you have installed conflicts with the content and you will need to get an updated version of the mod or remove it.


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