Feeding Thralls at my base for the Strength buffs

So I made a thrall feed pot for the first time in years. I know they do not need to eat anymore, but they can eat for buffs. However, from the feed pot, they eat like pigs! I loaded 5k gruel in the pot last night and today almost half is gone - less than 24 hours later. I have about 20 thralls in range of the feed pot.

Is this expected behavior? Am I better off giving each thrall their own stack of gruel?

they are huge pigs…if its in the pot, they chomp it up. I normally just load up my thralls with food. Way less costly.


Ok, will go with plan B then and save the pot for special situations.

Will regular food rot when in thrall inventory? If I give them all cooked pork, will it all be moldy tomorrow?

it will last forever until they eat it, all thralls, human and animals. My cats all have raw meat, and it never decays.


So I gave them all some gruel in inventory and they each eat about 2-3 an hour. Way better than the pot. To further test, I added cooked pork to the pot when the storm started and they all started eating pork for the 25% strength buff. It was awesome.

Thank you for the tip!

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In Exiles I have used the animals and thralls as refrigerators. Cooked on animals raw on NPC,S. Ps4 officials.

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