Thrall Pot - How often should you use it?

Hi All, I’m new to the game and have been spending a lot of time feeding my thralls using the Thrall Pot. Then I read that you shouldn’t fill the Thrall Pot all the time because they will just automatically feed from it and waste your resources. So my questions are:
How long does it take a thrall to starve?
What happens to him when he starves, does he die?
How often should you fill the Thrall Pot?
Tip: I keep food for the thralls in a Preservation Box right next to the Thrall Pot.

your thralls will not die if you decide to not feed them .
same for pets.
but they do benefit with having food ON them during fights ( as a follower) as they heal from it , and also connected to leveling …aka gruel gives a str8 chance bonus.
i have not used a thrall pot for …a very long time , and my " friends" are still standing still.
welcome to the game!

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First of all, welcome! Now, on to the topic!

Thrall pots are a great tool when you’re defending from an attack, or are expecting to be attacked, because you can just fill it with food and thralls will teleport stacks of food from it directly to their inventories (as long as there’s some space, so don’t fill all your defending archers’ slots with high-grade arrows if you want them to eat!), which will help them recover health while being attacked. You should bear in mind a few things, though:

  1. Only foods that are part of their diet (that display below their inventory) will grant them a regen bonus. Don’t worry, it’s the same for every thrall in the game, but it’s important to point out that, while they will consume any food you give them, only those specific foods will have any effect at all.

  2. Each of those foods has a different regeneration value, although I can’t be sure right now if it’s bugged and all are the same, because they all regenerate insanely fast if they are left unattacked for a few seconds. That means that, while lasting meals and feasts have the highest regen values, stuffing the pot with cheap things such as gruel or grilled steaks can do the trick too.

  3. Each food gives a different % bonus chance to gain a point when leveling up to either one (14%) or two (7% each) stat. While most of the time you can give them another food afterwards to rewrite the buff, sometimes it bugs and you’re forced to level them to be able to take a different buff, so I’d only recommend mass feeding if there’s no other option, because you risk giving them unintended leveling buffs.

  4. Finally, each food gives, aside from a regen buff and a leveling buff, a plain 10% additional damage for about an hour. The only exception to this is the cooked pork rinds, which give an additional 25%. The great thing is that both buffs can stack, giving your thralls a whopping +35% damage. The sad part is that your thralls won’t take one stack of pork rinds and one stack of another kind of food, so your best bet if you’re expecting an attack would be to let them buff with +10% via thrall pot and then run around them giving 1 unit of pork rinds to each of them to add the second buff.

I apologize for the textwall, and hope you find all this info useful!



That was the opposite of a textwalll. It was broken out by point, well explained, and as concise as possible.

Well done, sir.


:+1: Joe that’s a quality post! I had no idea about the stacking pork rinds buff, so I even learned something new!

And although it won’t help SirSlyck as he’s already got a Preservation Box, the Thrall Pot also works well as a newbie general food storage container as it slows down food decay by a factor of 10. (Pet Feed Box does same as well.) I throw that out there for any other new players coming through. :slight_smile:


It’s what I use mine for, but I always keep at least one stack of gruel in it so the thralls don’t eat my good food.

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My memory is non-work bench thralls used to die of starvation if you didn’t feed them. (apparently not accurate.)

There was an August 2018 community newsletter saying this was coming when the pet system arrived.

Funny, all this time I just assumed this was implemented and in place and made sure to dump food in thrall pot thinking they would die otherwise.

They used to. That feature was removed quite some time ago because it didn’t work properly. The “starvation meter” was still left on thrall stat screen, but it’s now redundant.

These days, thralls get stat buffs, healing bonuses and better stat growth chances when leveling up if they’re given good food, but they operate perfectly well on empty stomachs too.

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