Fell through opening at Black Galleon, had to suicide out

Game mode: [Online | PVP] server #3813
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [Here]

Was farming hearts with a friend at the black galleon, my friend fell through a small opening next to the stairs at the east end of the galleon, couldn’t climb out, tried for about an hour, had to suicide out and lost EVERYTHING. Why does this space even exist? and if you’re going to have such a space, why make the walls un-climbable? I’ve been playing this game for a year, most of the people I started with have quit the game due to glitches like this. It’s no wonder you need to give it away for free to get people to play… totally unacceptable…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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sadly, it seems that you guys will have to wait a bit longer:

ok, I get that climbing is bugged (still unacceptable, but I get it), but why does the space I refer to even exist? it’s a large gap, next to the stairs, it serves no other purpose than to trap unsuspecting players. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again - the devs are the worst griefers in this game…

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It used to be a back entrance, in fact there was a ghost down on the cave level that showed you to climb. I enjoyed creeping in there whenever a clan thought they were taking the ship over. You can easily steal the priest and carpenter right under other players’ noses. This used to also serve as a very convenient speedy exit to the riverbed below. I’ll check it out in a little while after my PS4 updates.

It might be the same space i’m speaking of, but I just can’t envision it as any sort of “entrance”. It’s a small space, completely walled in, maybe two foundations wide, just seems like useless dead space to me…

FWIW I just tested on the PC and there is still the climbing ghost that tells you to go up. So I went up, all the way to the ship, killed the thralls and encountered some players. After some fun I exited through the hole all the way to ground level. My internet is a potato so I won’t be able to try on the PS for a bit.

I don’t think we’re talking about the same space. the space I speak of only has one way in and one way out = the opening is a small triangular space at the left side of the stairs, very small, the overall area of the space below is maybe two foundations long by one foundation wide, directly under stairs, walled in on all four sides. To be clear, this space is at the top level of the ship, no way of going “down”, or any other direction for that matter

Okay, I’ll look more closely. I just got onto my PS4 and was about to hit you back.

Hey @Fyrenfury

Could you share a screenshot of the exact location of this spot of death?

Sorry it took so long, had to figure out how to get an image from ps4 to pc, I’m old so this is the best I could do lol :

I took two pictures to try to pinpoint the spot for you, I hope it’s enough… lol


Thanks @Fyrenfury

Sending this info to our team so they can put a stop to this multidimensional shenanigan.

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