Female Hair (Dreadlock)

Is there any reason why the dreadlock styled hair on a female character is stiff, while on a male character it’s free-flowing?

I’ve only noticed it after the last update. Will this be fixed?

On the PC there was a bug (don’t know if it still exists) that if the slider for the character size was moved from the middle, the physics went crazy. This resulted in “stiff” hair and clothes.
An other bug with stiff hair and clothes was, when you’re near a wheel of pain (medium or large).

These two bugs could also have a connection with each other.
Maybe you can check that in SP.

Since I’m aware of these bugs, the size slider is in the middle on all of my characters.

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I’ve created male characters on single player and adjust the height to max. No bug.

When I create female, I adjust to minimum. Will check it with the default size when I get some time.

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Hello @everybodyvsME, thank you for reaching out!

We’ll need additional details in regards to this issue, such as how this issue has initially occurred, whether it was in single player or online, and if you’re able to reproduce it on your end.

@everybodyvsME played several female character on different servers. I leave height alone my wife alters her character height hair and clothes move properly. How ever we have not tried the dreads. Ps4 multiple servers. Unlike months ago when every thing quite moving

It occurs from the very beginning, at dessert spawn points, on both single player and online. I will submit screenshots as soon as I can.

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@Hugo, these aren’t the best, but it’s all I had time for. Taken from single player, but I get it online also.

hair animation Stil are buget
Some time and brute head. For the hair animation too

On online not singel mode havet test ther

Thank you for sharing further information, we’ve forwarded this to the developers so that they can look into it!

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Jeez Hugo you’re serious?
this is a DAY one glitch, what will you report? it has been reported “millions” of times.

When create a character (not only females) do not alter the height (not taller, not smaller) or his/her physics will die: hair will become glued to the head, skirts will be glued to the legs and so on.
The death of physics will die itsefl on relogging and in certain untested occasions, but it will occur again after a lil’ time.
The same can be said for breast physic but in this case “bewbs” are gonna stop “bouncing” (ehm) even if you do not alter the height of character at all.
This issues are here since the first day, maybe you can stock the report over the others never fixed or even taken in consideration.

Have a nice day.

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