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Am I the only one that finds the female model head size to be disproportionately small compared to the rest of her body, especially given the wide shoulders they seem to have as well? There any chance this could be adjusted? It’s one of the main reasons I use the Improved Quality of Life mod, so I can adjust the head size, and belly size.

I really dont. Specially when compared to what these mods do.

There is science behind the size of a head in comparison to the body, and I know that the artist took it into consideration because it is exactly right.

When you are learning how to draw human beings, you learn those relations, and you have a whole set of techniques to draw them proportionally even if your sight tells you it should be different given the “pose” or angle.

It is right that this might vary, but the variations are also under a measure of proportionality.

So much so that having necks, arm, feet, legs or fingers out of that ratio is a symptom of a development disease.


This following picture describes something that might happens with this mods, and although it is possible, not really frequent. In the picture you see a real girl, that was portrayed in a news coverage, to which many people accused of being photoshopped. She has a condition that in her case is extreme, but it is somewhat common in varying degrees.
So much so that you might see, like I mentioned, two girls with different ratios of sizes that actually look similar, but they are not.

It is the same principle of the well known “illusion”:


Okay… and I’m saying they didn’t get that proportion right. The head is like 1/4 the width of the shoulders.

You can say you dont like it. You cant say it is wrong, because it is not.
It is like saying 2+2 is a matter of debate. But you are the owner of your own reality, I just dont want it impressed over me by changing the game based on a flawed premisse.
HNL :smiley:

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I don’t think the heads are too small. It’s probably an illusion caused by the general broadness of shoulders on the female model, and that, I believe, is required in order to accommodate a variety of armor and clothing types on the same body form.

Real-world women tend to keep their arms close to their sides, whereas the 3-D model used in the game has a more masculine pose, “carrying oranges in their armpits” as a drag artist I once met used to say.


You say it’s not wrong, but you never actually proved that, you just said a bunch of things about perspective, and proportions that I already knew, and something about girls with rare disorders for some reason. Nothing in what you said actually proved anything though. So everything you said was as much opinion as what I said.

All I know is when I compare it to a model I edited with IQoL, mine looks more realistic.

Anyway, doesn’t really matter since I doubt they’ll actually change it.

Realistic doesn’t necessarily mean good. In many games, characters have exaggerated proportions because it’s more pleasing to the eye; it’s easier to focus on the main elements, whether it’s a head, or eyes, or a sword, or, well, you know, body parts.

As a comic artist i know that “heroic proportions” which are routinely used by the comic industry to illustrate super heroes are different to those of a “civilian” or non super hero character. Specically, hero characters are one whole head taller than a non hero with no requiste increase in the size of components, e.g. head hands etc. Proportions in fantasy art are often skewed and non realistic to convey mood and dynamic and character. This being said i don’t find conan exile models particularly unrealistic.
As many here have said, this can be a very subjective judgement, look at people in real life and they come in all shapes and sizes, all are obviously valid and quite normal though not necasserily the norm.

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True, real people do come in all shapes and sizes, which is why it’s odd that funcom never added what IQoL adds. Well hopefully IQoL will be able to update more easily now, and this won’t be an issue in the future anyway. But given the base game doesn’t allow for model customization, other than a few facial features, ■■■ organs, musculature and height to a very limited extent with the vanilla slider, they should at least make it look good, they certainly made the male model look good. But you’re right, that is my opinion, and it could be a difference in perspective of playing a female character vs seeing one you’re not playing.

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