Female toon for BS

Good evening friends !
While watching to some of bear shaman pvp videos I have observed that most of the good players are playing bear shaman with female toons. Is there any particular reason for it ? ( P.S So sorry for my poor english. )

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there used to be a difference in animation length of certain combos resulting in higher dps but that has been fixed a while ago.


People play female toons because boobies. There’s no mechanical reason otherwise. In fact, at one time, female characters had a combo animation handicap compared to the males but I do believe it’s been changed some time ago.

There’s one disadvantage about female toons: When farming mats, males need 3 hits at the node, while females need 4 hits. – No gender equality Funcom? :wink:

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Female toons gather Kuth garbage at twice the speed of male toons. Or at least they did.

They still loot faster than male assigned characters.