Breast physics bug

Whenever I log in, breast physics on toons are ok until I either change clothes, equip a weapon, or move around to find out that they stop bouncing :P. Ive asked people on the same server if they have the same issue but it seems that it was normal on their screen. I have no mods activated right now since I switched to testlive. Am I the only one? and if so how do I fix this? :slight_smile:

I don’t know for sure on this but maybe they don’t bounce as much if:
1, You have smaller boobs
2, Smaller boobs with clothes on
3, Graphics settings are lowered?

Nope…size is on max, graphics on ultra, and toon is almost always naked :P. Its definitely a bug, not important but critical :stuck_out_tongue:

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My question is why do the majority of female Exiles encountered look like they are silicone-enhanced to ridiculous proportions? Not a bug, but quite annoying. It would be nice if the female exiles reflected a wider variety of sizes from smallest to largest and not mostly like fully inflated flotation devices! LOL


PMSL Boys and their toys.
I set mine to about halfway

For my character I scrolled all the way to the left (smallest) and then move to the right 4 or 5 ticks (about 1/4 of the max size).

I find it funny that most dancers have the ballon boobs spinning on base.
But yeah seens like the proportion of npc population on max size is bigger is you get the meaning.

About the breast physics bug I had a save from single player live bug the breast and hair physics and didnt find a fix also.

It is absolutely ridiculous how large most of the thralls are at least in the Game Preview. I am playing on an Official Server but it is not a testlive server. I hope they adjust the variation in size a lot more than what I am seeing right now.

For the love of god i hope they focus on 128731923781928 different things before they worry about breasts…the game needs to work on a basic level before something like this is a concern.


Nope, boobs are priority one. Fix the bounce.


SAVE THE TATAS!!! We need a wide variety that move naturally. What do I care if the hyena is standing on top of a tree? LOL :laughing: