[FEROCITY] new stat size comparsion

So we got this new stat “Ferocity” but Funcom is so silent about its influence (its not even listed on character screen). I was so curious how much it changes “AoE” effect of my spells that I did a simple ferocity test while being cursed in Onslaught.

You can see the difference of 400 ferocity on my idol radius:

So when you see +10 ferocity… well its nothing :slight_smile: But everything above 100 is very interesting!


Ferosity is on character screen but not if you use custom UI… for each e.g combo you see the effect of Ferosity in combo description…


Yeah, I wonder if its the Custom UI curse.

This is what I get from my little Lizard snack:


There we go, custom UI!

Thanks and I will leave it here so everyone curious as me can test ferocity out :slight_smile:


Is ferocity always taken in account or just for Onslaught ?

Good question but I think it is as you can use this +ferocity food outside Onslaught.

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It does work outside Onslaught.

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Hover over your spells and combos and the pop up tool tip tells you the effect of your current ferocity amount. ie extra 1 metre radius on Storm Field, +1 target hit. It’s the same on many combo’s too. DT has extra range on some of it’s combos and abilities.

Hope they do something about ferocity

Currently it’s scaling better on casters with the already large aoes, getting extra range on things like 8 meter radius circles… that grants a much bigger effective increase than on 90-120 degree arc melees. I don’t mean a sin should ever be a real aoe monster, but a guard should certainly be allowed to have better multi target support for storm strike, being the melee with the biggest range, it’s still useless as a dps here sadly.

Don’t know if melee’s would get +180 degree arc if they fixed weapons from 20 to 200 though (the screenshots posted in andy’s tutorial post did show 2handers with 200 ferocity, not 20)

this is what was posted in the tutorial

@AndyB - is 20 ferocity intended or 200?

Looks like 200 ferocity was too much during the testing phase. Thats why on weapons and gems there is low ferocity stat.

I can’t wait for my 1handed 4degree combo arc to become 4.5 degrees.

yeah that tooltip is busted, hopefully not the effect too…

Also, is there any reason why mage staff is way better than dagger+talisman?

The dagger is really good, just use another offhand

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