Few Suggestions to improve the gameplay

Good day Everyone.

After a few hours of gameplay and with the 4th campaing map done, i’ve seen a some flaws on the actual gameplay:

1º- At the start of every map you have some icons who shows enemy camps, and after you destroy all of them you have to look for more in the map, that is fine for me, so i though ‘‘since conan is slow, i’ll make light cav to explore the map, since every second is damn vital’’ then, when i had my light cav and sended it to explore I saw that when your units find a new camp and you leave the area, the camp doesn’t show on the map, so ¿what happens if in their exploration i’ve finded like 3-4 camps? so it would be pretty cool to have the nests and camps marked if you have explored them, otherwise the light cav is almost useless.

2º- If they’re enemys attacking your walls(without a gate), and you have some archers/javelins a bit far from then, and you use the attack command against then, they actually instead of aproching then to attack, they encircle their way to the enemys, i know that i could select then and move the in attack range or buy a tower, a gate… but 120g 10w are a lot of resources in eartly game.

3º-The gold production is(in my perspective) a bit low, i mean, in all the games that i’ve played so far, i must do always the same, few houses, 1-2 lumberjacks, economy and farms upgrade, then the market and houses->lumberjack->houses->lumberjack, and if I make a mine or some animals then my eco of gold drops below 160, and since you have to deal with almost every second, i found pretty hard to being able to wall, have soldiers and get a decent gold economy, maybe a small upgrade of 1-2 more coins per house could relieve a bit this pressure. Or if the devs planned to be like this, then i’ve nothing to say, still i can survive long enough.

4º-The swordsman guys unit-concept is not bad, but soon after wave 4-5 they become practically useless, i know their intention is to hold and that stuff, but 10-15 javelins attacking a swordsman kills him in seconds, maybe a tecnology to give them shields or some extra hp could make this guys more useful, otherwise, the best you can do is have conan with a lot of ranged.

5º-After the normal soldiers gets their 1ºst mastery, they don’t get anymore, i mean, yeah, from 40hp 6’2dmg to 80 and 9’2dmg is a pretty nice upgrade, but istead of limiting then to tier 1, it would be more rewarding and interesting to make then being able to get more masterys but instead that big boost, a little one, for example: Javelin(tier 0) 40hp/6’2dmg - javelin(tier 1) 80hp/9’2dmg - javelin/(tier 2) 90hp 9’6dmg. Something like that could be really rewarding to the players, also, if the have a visual update when they lvl up that would be really cool aswell.

For the moment that’s the only things that i see, i know it was released today, but i look forward on how this game will evolve.

Psd: Sorry for the grammar in advance. :stuck_out_tongue: have a great day!



  1. To keep enemies visible in the fog of war use “Lookout Tower” i believe they are called, they actually show you enemies without you actually scouting that area. So you can build it and save time for scouting elsewhere, but yeah you have to invest resources.

-I do agree you should be rewarded for your invested time that you took to scout the area and should leave at least the last seen position of the enemy on the map.
Could be cool if some enemies would also patrol, but probably need bigger maps.

  1. Can they actually reach them if you send them point blank to the wall?

3.I agree with you on this, i’ve played 4 mission of the campaign with only javelin throwers and tower. Since you can’t get anything else because you are under constant pressure or just lack the resources.
I must add though, that playing in COOP or the endless mode is a bit different since you have more time to “shine” and eventually through struggle you get to the next tier units as the waves progress, meanwhile in the “Campaign” it just ends abruptly without you even getting any cool toys.

-Boosting economy could be compensated by boosting some of the waves i guess.

  1. That is actually a pretty cool idea, maybe tiered upgrades like in games similar to Starcraft 2, improving Armor\HP\Dmg etc.

5.That reminds me of a mechanic similar to “Diablo” “Paragon” levels, which gives you a small buff every time you level again and again. Creating a better attachment to your veterans and a sense of progress otherwise they are rendered obsolete.

Awesome stuff man.