Fighter thralls don’t attack

Hey guys I play on Xbox 1 single player mode and I have a question. Are the fighter thralls bugged Because they don’t attack things they just let things walk right in my base or don’t attack unless the enemy hits me. Even if an enemy is right in from of them they don’t attack. Is this going to be fixed? And oh ya great job on the new jewel of the west dlc I love it !

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Yes, they have been bugged since at least June. They will only fight if their owner takes damage. Other than that they will stand quietly and be slaughtered.

Thanks! tbh this is ruining the game for me. I hope they fix this

It can be a deal breaker to be sure. The only thing that seems to make it better is some of the other bugs that make it less effective. Agro used to work, but they made some sort of clever change that buggered up AI agro all over the place.

They mentioned a “fix” (More like a band-aid) on their last live stream in which they will change it so thralls also engage when the player attacks something.

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