Film or series to watch for Conan Exiles fans?

I think I share your problem, there isn’t enough of these types of movies. I am a huge fan of the original Conan movies. Also watched them endlessly to my wife’s dread…
But a couple that also helps satiate my viking / sword & sorcery hunger are:

13th Warrior (1999)
Centurion (2010)
Pathfinder (2007)
Seventh Son (2014)

The rest I know has already been mentioned.
The movies aren’t all great but worth a watch IMO.

EDIT: FACK! Can’t believe I forgot about these two!

Legend (1985) - A young Tom Cruise (meh) but Tim Curry as the best devil I have ever seen! Nice epic fantasy

The Dark Crystal (1982) - You must know this one but 2019 brings a new Series on Netflix! Very excited to see that.


Have some Conan fealing in to day. To bad it was only one season.

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The History Channel’s VIKING is was a good series Wait till you see a Blood Eagle and the guy ain’t dead yet

En bit ifrån men har spår av det

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They also have a Wheal of pain in the vilgage

And if you are really, really into the Conan genre, you can always go and get the complete digital book collection and read that:

Conan The Barbarian - All 20 Books in One Edition Kindle Edition

by Robert-E.-Howard (Author)

Written back in the 1930’s… :smile:

At the end of the book is Robert-E.-Howard’s summary of what he based the saga on and what inspired him. Well worth the read.


Yes! There are several collections of the books, but the one you mentioned is definitely worth checking out!

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Especially love his explanation on how he came up with Conan:
‘I was trollin’ round Texas stuffing myself on Tacos and one day I ate so much I kinda hallucinated and there he was’ (not true but close enough)


Much like Nightstalker for some B rated good times I might suggest Gor 1 and 2.

Cheestastic gladitorial nonsense with some sorcery and an element of Sci-fi. I remember liking it. Although its very dates. But with this cast!

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So, what you are saying is, the secret to making arguably one of the greatest IP’s of all time, is too eat tacos by the truckload. SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD ENOUGH EXCUSE TO ME!

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This is most likely responsible for me learning the Japanese sword.
Also might be the reason I have an Asian wife, who practices sword with me.


Saw it, and loved it.

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Gonna check it out !

Guys I also found a Maori warrior movie called The Dead Lands from 2014, gonna watche it right now, some of the actors kind of look like Conan (Frazetta version)

Am guessing the 1930’s were an interesting time :rofl:

Oh they were. Still had Apaches killin peeps around that time in Texas.

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lol - yep indeed. Although the summary at the end of the compendium refers to Robert-E.-Howard pulling most inspiration from ancient Babylonian-era mythos as well as the romantic fables of Atlantis.

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Apparently there’s an animated adaptation of Red Nails in development hell since 2006??


Could Funcom pay for this :roll_eyes::angel: @Tascha :point_up_2:

If you haven’t seen it, 300 fits what you’re looking for.

Apocalypto also fits if you don’t mind subtitles.