Final Breath [Fresh RP focused PVP Server open now! Custom content! Friendly Community! Come play! 18+]

We have just finished setting up the Final Breath RP server and are currently working on growing our community within the UK/EU region.

We’ve already done lots of work and implemented a multitude of custom quests and events for players to enjoy. We now feel that it would be beneficial to open the server to anyone who feels they can contribute to the server by delivering quality roleplay and help build our community and add to our story.

Being a fresh server we have an active development team and are implementing fresh, new content daily! To that end, we would LOVE to receive feedback on what has been achieved so far, as well as suggestions to what you would like to see on the server, be it mods, features, events, or other things! Your input is most appreciated and above all, what will make us grow as a community. With your suggestions and feedback we can implement content swiftly and decisively.

Because of the nature of RP within Conan Exiles, our community is strictly adult based (18+) and we believe that the people who choose to join our server are mature enough that we do NOT need an overbearing amount of rules in order to play
and have fun. Of course we have some rules in place, but these are considered to be more guidelines than hard rules, maturity and roleplay come before all else here.

Our main focus is to give everyone a fantastic roleplay experience whilst playing and to give you the content you want to play with! Our team work every single day on implementing new and custom NPCs with quests and dialogues, as well as other custom content for you to interact with.

We have an extremely challenging arena where you may test your combat ability against the strongest enemies, should you so wish.

We have built a custom spawn/trading town which is considered a safe zone geared towards giving players a good place to start out, with quests that give you exp and other rewards. Since it is a safe zone, you are welcome to bring your goods to trade there! You can trade with some of the NPCs, or with other players,
and you won’t have to worry about being robbed, killed or captured (We have a full player capture system) for your goods, at least until you leave town! Over time, more hub towns will be added as our population grows and we can build with more direction from you, the player.

To give you a richer and more entertaining experience we will also have Game Master Events! These are interactive based events that will be announced on discord through the use of our “Rumors” channel, which everyone is able to post in.

Although the game is set within the world of Conan we would only like this to be the foundation of any roleplay, in no way do you need to be a loremonger here, we want everyone to play the character they want to be.

On Final Breath, we do not enforce permadeath as our progression system goes much further than on most servers with a higher level cap and perks. We feel that killing characters completely after a player has acquired 1.1 billion EXP could impact one’s mental stability ever so slightly. It also means the story will continue. Obviously if you want to kill your character off and introduce a new one, you can do that. However you can be taken to the brink of death, which has its own implications.

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out! We hope to see you on Final Breath making a name for yourself soon!

Kind regards,

The FBR Team

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Definately one to check out!


Great server! Definitely worth a look :slight_smile:

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We are unaffected by the performance issues caused by the last update. Join us and play today!:slight_smile:

I’m enjoying being here, hope to see you here with me soon!