Final quest blocked/gated/broken on consoles (witch mask)

Game mode: Online and Single Player
Problem: Bug
Region: All?

The mask does not drop off the witch queen for console versions of this game. Myself and others on other forums and user groups have killed her hundreds of times both naturally, and as admin spawns. The Witch Queen does NOT drop her mask.

This completely gates/blocks the bracelet removal quest. If you use the admin tool to spawn the mask, the item that is spawned has no item description, and does not allow you to craft the keystone. There is currently no way to complete the final quest and complete the game to view the final cutscene.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill the Witch Queen
  2. Loot the Witch Queen

The Witch Queen only drops her room key + various trash items.


Dame Problem Here at my servers

Seriously. Fuxking fix this. I really was rooting for you, funcom, still no thrall patch? And ive killed the witch queen a dozen times over! Fix it already!!

Some people claims that you must to talk(and maybe learn mapper religion) to archivist in unnamed city to enable mask drop, didn’t test it though.

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