Fire, is so mundane

How fire currently works, isn’t so hot. Basically if you have 4+ fires(the more the worse it is) all in one area. You’re forced to micro manage each separately. With how the fire spreads, it makes it require so much focus and micro management.

Then when fighting, sometimes they try to put out fires instead(your hero does this the most), but ironically they never continue to put out fires. This mechanic is very inconsistent. But unless I direct it, a unit should fight instead of putting out fires.

How about just a dedicated button for fires, that when activated that is all they do is put out fires. Or a new unit designed to do that, so that micro managing current units to put out fires will be tedious still.

For I find the fire is what makes the game challenging. I don’t want you to make it not note-worthy. But I want the heavy micro manage aspect of it to go away.

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they did just tweak the ai for this today so we’ll see. but it’s often much easier to pause the game, raise all your burning walls and just rebuild them, which is kinda sad. maybe if the repair could put out the fires for an extra cost or something.

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Thats what I do. I destroy the walls and rebuild them. Trying to get the army to put out fires are mind numbing and takes forever.

I love the ideas of fires but it needs to be better implemented. Make the AI automaticly exstinguish it if they are close.
Make a researchable unit that is the pro-firefighter type.
Give spellcasters a spell to cast rain or something.

As it stands now, its just micro managing and buggy.


Hey @keha

Welcome to our community.
We’re sad to see you’re not feeling the flame of love about the fire feature. We’ll send note to the devs to add the necessary sparkle into it to set its potential ablaze.
Thanks for your feedback.