This game is in need of some serious fixes

First off, the AI really needs to be addressed. I often find myself cursing and annoyed by the game because of fundamental AI issues that shouldn’t exist. Multiple times per match I can have units being attacked (melee or ranged) from other units mere feet away, and they won’t turn to attack unless given a specific order. Even more ridiculous when it’s a melee unit being attacked pointblank by a ranged unit, but they won’t fight back.

I’ve also often had issues with units in towers failing to attack enemies that are well within range. I then will have to manually tell the tower to attack units for it to actually be of use.

The fact that units can push other units, and generally just cause them to stop following orders can be a nightmare. Units pushing units into fire or disease, or melee units pushing ranged units into enemies adds very unneeded micromanagement to simple get a unit to stay in one spot.

Further, another issue I’ve found that is repeatable, is placing Hunting Shacks, that won’t actually place. I build them in a buildable area, gold is deducted, and the building never get built, or placed. I have been able to repeat this in several instances, and every time it removes gold in spite of nothing being built.

Why is there a lack of hotkeys for upgrading buildings? Not that you would ever really want to with the way the economy works, but the UI is really unintuitive considering the state of most RTS games.

I really want to like this game. It’s a cool premise, and has great potential, but a lot of it feels like it was never playtested outside of a few very specific circumstances. A lot of the issues I’ve come across seem like things that even a slightly regular RTS player would take issue with on an initial play.


Hey @CanadianGuitar!

Thank you very much for the feedback. I will make sure to send this back to the developers.

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