Fire Nation Recruiting [PC] [ PvP] [ AoC]

We’re a small group looking to add 3-5 more players to our band, we wish to remain small so we can all get to know each other and have a wonderful community.

We currently play on a PvP AoC server where the level limit is 120, lots of end game grinding which is what we felt was missing from Conan Exiles, so until Funcom adds their own end game, we’ll be taking advantage of the fantastic mods available.

All ages are welcome, but we are mainly an adult clan as the average age of the members is about 28 years old.

We want to actively participate in all aspects of Conan Exiles, so we will be doing PvP raids and all PvE content so it doesn’t matter what your focus is, there’s a spot for you here in the Fire Nation.

If you’re interested - pm on discord Zestro#6964