Looking for the dream team! ⚔ PvP Official EU

I got Conan Exiles a couple weeks ago on Xbox one, loving the game, am a big fan of Ark (as most of us here probably are) , and took it seriously , and was very successful.

I’ve been playing solo so far to learn the game, got to level 37 on an official server and doing pretty well, but I need a team as I want to build big and dominate a server.

I’m in my early thirties, looking for adults or young adults, like 18 minimum really - must enjoy a bit of banter and be a bit of a binge gamer like me - I might have a day off here and there, but most days I’m on, I’m not working at the moment so have lots of time to put into the game, and I will regularly spend a solid 12-18 hours grinding, so need companions who are similar so we can grind together! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t2:

I want to form a new clan and start from scratch, and I’m looking for a maximum of about ten people for now - if you want to succeed and learn fast, or if you’re experienced from PC even better - saves me having to search everything!

Add me on Xbox one, the sooner the better as I’m just spinning my wheels solo - my Gamertag is Scottyboytoker .

Let’s get on it lads, and ladies, 420 friendly too.