First Person Camera on Official PvP Servers

This my second topic about state of official PvP servers, first one was about better moderation and possible community moderation.

From my experience Official PvP Servers are in horrible state right now, the soft stance developers have towards exploit users just makes everything infinitely worse. Is much easier to just give up on this game or move to another server, than get someone banned for using game breaking exploits, at least on the server you are playing. And I suspect that was the experience for a majority of new players who tried the game after the last steam sale and free weekend deal.

To my main point. In my opinion developers are trying to do everything at once, from how many platforms this game is supporting to stuff that in the game.
One of this things is First Person camera, nobody uses it on a PvP servers. Except for exploit purpose.
I suspect that First Person camera is hardly used at all even in PvE, and possibly even poorly tested. So fixes to exploits that are connected to it have low priority.
It’s just hard to test it in every resolution and with every UI option. Some of the community servers are disabling it, and for a good reason.
Is it worth to have this on PvP servers then? In my opinion No.
It cuts and streamline work for developers, and improves players experience. Win Win situation for everyone.

I play on a console and my vision is forced into FP view each time I unsheathe a weapon. For this reason I discontinued to use TP view. Gives me a headache jumping between view modes and it’s annoying as well. I don’t know if this is a bug or if it’s an intended feature.

I’m on console (PS4) as well and ONLY play PvP . Pulling out weapons doesn’t send me into FP view. I wonder if it’s a setting problem? That’s the first I’ve even heard of this issue.

Yup just tested it. In fact, when you pull out a weapon you can’t even go into first person. You can only use 3rd Person. So, there is something else wrong with your game.

IMHO I could not disagree with you more. Must be a PC problem cause I play on PS4 PVP and have not seen any use of exploits or any type of cheating…that I’m aware of. Though, if I did, I would find a way to get back at those players. IE: Attack their base or kill every one of their players that I find out alone.

Agreed. There should be no First Person View in this game. This is not Rainbow 6. It’s not that kind of fighting PLUS the glorious world they created wouldn’t be as visible if you play in 1st.

Well its another story for PC EU servers. You can’t really attack the base that’s deep under the texture’s. When its owner thinks that definition of exploit is the must use it and abuse it. On top of it he is streaming this nonsense. And I can’t even get this guy blacklisted. lol

First Person Camera just have old clipping problem, probably connected to how game renders the scene. It’s a major issue in my opinion for building game like Conan Exile.

PAL copy of game, (disc to latest patch) I have it clicked. And can no longer changed it. But I can use 1st person with bows. (it “was” in settings) Swimming kicks to 3rd, but climb sticks to 1st.

On my NA digital version, they patched option out, and can no longer use 1st person with several weapons. Doesnt work with swimming or climbing.

The game use to have a “1st person combat” option. But went missing long ago. Bows for longest time could 1st person, then lost it.

But I noticed my save on PAL is back from early patch, and my NA setting save has been redone.

I use 1st person from time to time, But 3rd is more immersive to me.

My bad. I think I accidentally mixed FP and TP views together. My point is that I haven’t used the other (whichever it is) due the forced change of view. Builds me a headache, zig zagging between viewpoints.

Third person view just gives you more information, especially if you are playing with increased field of view (FoV setting). Timing attacks is easier and so on.

My issue with exploits I saw from a Chinese streamer. I was trying to recreate FP exploit he was using, when I was reporting it to exploit hunter program, and I immediately come up to a different version of it. Tho it’s much more unreliable version. It just shows how glitchy FP is.

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