More First Person

I would like to see more animation for the first-person view. Currently, it’s impossible to tell if you are actually blocking with your shield. Weapons lower after the drawing animation and stay hidden.

My personal favorite would be to have the admin option to lock all cameras in the first person. Currently, only a workshop mod has it where cameras don’t switch when climbing.

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The game before released used to be 100% first person.

Do you wonder why on console you cannot go first person combat but on windows os you can?
Because its super buggy and causes people to glitch into people houses and meshing into the map.
They realized too late that they coded badly the first person view(i think).

The option was kept for windows os just because of people who where complaining they wanted a first person minecraft with bubis/dongs game.

And I’m not sure they have the capacity and time now to work out the problems with it and patch it in a viable way.

YEEEEES! I’d love to üplay in first person more, but the animations are just bad.

In singleplayer you can allow first person combat in the settings.

Not on the console versions.

I may be wrong, but I am almost sure that I saw it. It is just a little box with a tick in it, says something about first person combat. It was a while ago though. I am a consolero myself… (XBox)

I can assure you 100% playstation has no “enable first person combat” setting, not sure about xbox myself, but playstation i’m 100% positive.

Well, then I hope they add it soon… :man_shrugging:

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