First Playthrough

Hey guys! Doing my first playthrough with the stream. Anything I should know about the game before I get started and/or and tips for a first timer?

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Are you doing dungeons?
In that case; Pips (The dots at the bottom) trump special abilities on your gear.

It’s my first time ever playing the game so I have no clue what I’m really doing xD, just gonna enjoy the story as much as I can I suppose.

Keep your sound on, watch the cutscenes and if your not in any rush try your hand at the investigation missions. One thing I alway regretted was rushing through them with walk throughs to get to endgame quickly. On that not after your done the story of your still in love with the game and want more turn to the community and look for a cabal. The community is a different breed mostly in a positive way :slight_smile: and really kept many of us around for years.

Also stay qued for Shambala once you hit lvl 10 as it gives you double experience and a great chance at rare drops while qued.

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Despite Trickster being listed as an “easy” starter class, its damage out the box leaves a bit to be desired.

Picking any of the 3 healers (Warlock, Commando, Ravager) slightly disadvantages you soloing by around Egypt since you start a bit more in the hole hit rating wise over other weapons.

Personally I’d recommend shotgun or blade as a soloing weapon (both would be overkill) as they contain very powerful self heals/cleanses for if you screw up.

I think in the first 15 levels you will run into a lot of questions–am I leveling my gear correctly? Why are the monsters not dropping loot? Do I really need to read the bible to complete this quest?

I made a guide for new players, I hope this helps to answer any questions that pop up.

Take your time and explore, the cutscenes tell you more about the background story of what is happening as apposed to what you need for the quest. There are itmes to be found on quests that will fill in the very rich story of the game even more and reading the legends you find fill out back ground on each race of creatures.

Whist levelling up a two Pip item is fine when green or blue, you can always prepare a 3 pip for when it is going purple or above (which you can not make until 50)

Have fun and enjoy the ride :slight_smile: