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Hi, I play in Single player mode, and have been having problems with thralls disappearing and or falling through the mesh. I play on PC, in Single player, not on a server. This occured and I installed the Named Thrall always Spawns mod to try and recapture two of the thralls that disappeared, and the effect - disappearing thralls - occurred again. Has anyone else had this happen and is there a workaround?

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The bad news: The problem you describe is (sadly) a common one.
The good news: People have found several workarounds.

If a knocked out thrall falls through the floor, move out of drawing distance, roughly 50 m. Then run back - the thrall should now be there again.

If you enable admin mode (-> Settings → “Make me Admin” → Esc → Admin Panel), you can use the “ghost” mode to move through the floor yourself and look for the missing thrall.

If nothing else helps, you can use the Admin Panel to spawn the lost thrall again. They are not listed by name there, but if you look them up in the wiki, there’s their “admin name” listed.

Ana the Reaver, for example, can be spawned as “Exile_Fighter_4_Wanderer_3”

Thanks Khaletohep, looked and looked, tried Ghost mode from Admin panel, relogging - and mind you this is all in single player with a fair amount of time invested - but yeah, back to spawning them via admin command. Appreciate the reply.

Few things to Add, sometimes they will return to there spawn spot. (they’ll be ko’d laying on ground) If they fall to far below ground.

Another, they will respawn back near field in North (were wayward spawn can spawn) It collection point)

Most of time whne I have thrall go thru floor (being dragged anyway) they revert to there spawn spot. Rarely are they below ground.

I use this mod to solve the problem. You can specify a home spot and send them home or call them to you from wherever they are.

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