First step of learning sorcery is prevented

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: Cluster

Bug Description:
First step of learning sorcery is prevented

Bug Reproduction:

A new player on my server has a problem with sorcery. All the other ones already learned it weeks ago. The player learned as he was over encumbred and the system only gave him the book of kurak and he got the spells from the second step of sorcery: Blood Rite and the 2 wisp spells. He could then build the sacrificial stone but not the Thaumaturgy bench or the Arcane staff or the pouches. Also he did not get the spells ice bridge or reveal Corruption. As an admin I deactivated all his sorcery feats, he threw away the book of kurak, left the server, joined again. All the former recipes and feats showed deactivated so we went again to the tomb (this time not over encumbred). But again the first step of learning sorcery was canceled and the player directly got all the spells from the second step as above described. We tried it again and again on ervery server of our cluster, everytime with the same result. At least I activated the Feats Basic Sorcery, Ice Bridge and Reveal Corruption via Pippi Featmanager but we could only activate the Function to build the thaumaturgy bench, the arcane staff and the different pouches. The spells Reveal corruption and Ice Bridge were still not possible allthough activated via Pippi.
Something is preventing players from not being able to properly perform the first step to learning magic. Learning the Basic Sorcery feat - the first step - is sort of skipped.
The first step is: Basic Sorcery ID 96100 Ice Bridge ID 96128 Reveal Corruption ID 96130 and the items Thaumaturgy bench 19646 Arcane Staff 54100 Burlap pouch 914000 Cloth Pouch 914001 Leather Pouch 914002
The player will directly learn the next step instead but he will get the book of Kurak
The second step is: Blood Rite ID 96102 Embed Wisp ID 96120 Imbue Wisp ID 96115 and the items/recipes Blood Rite 920002 Sacrificial Blood in a flask 920003 Sacrificial stone 19640


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