First Week's 10 Suggestions:

I’ve only been playing for a week but even so, I have some suggestions! They’re all pretty minor in the grand scheme of things but here goes anyway.

  1. Make walls/roofs block wind/rain from entering a home. It’s quite immersive breaking to be in a completely closed in shelter and still being drenched by the rain that wouldn’t otherwise be pouring down through my roof. (I’m a better carpenter than that, darn it!)

  2. Insulated Wood Foundations go in the direction that the lower foundation block is placed and you’re unable to change the direction without first changing the placement of the lower block. Let us change whether the grain of the wood is going horizontally or vertically despite the placement of the blocks below it, please.

  3. It’s sometimes very hard to see which way the grain of wood or stones are facing in foundation blocks and other blocks. (Either the glow of the placement indicator is too bright or just not defined enough) Maybe adding ‘left’ - ‘right’ - ‘top’ -‘bottom’ text to the glowing placement indicator would be nice.

  4. Of course you want players to visit different locations in the game and have to travel. That’s great! My friend and I have had amazing fun exploring. However: While playing on a clan based server, it’s very annoying that some resource nodes are completely non-existent outside of the starting area (Desert/River area). Why is there loads of Brimstone for new players and no Brimstone whatsoever up north? (Unless you travel all the way to the gaseous pools.)

  5. Add a crude wood tier on the same level as the stone building blocks. Something that just takes wood or maybe shaped wood rather than the insulated wood pieces. Make it look crude and rustic just like the crude wooden door! It would allow for people to get that rustic wooden shack feel that we’re missing - or a rough and rugged pirate bay.

  6. Daggers: Maybe it’s just me but it feels like I spend half of the time lunging PAST NPC’s that I’m fighting rather than hitting them: Even when my cursor is right on them. I haven’t tried locking onto the enemy. Maybe that would help - I just think daggers lunge a bit too far forward too quickly. (Again, this could be me and my lack of play skill right now.)

  7. Fix the chat word wrap: Make the text wrap and go beneath our names on the next line. It’s annoying to have a block of text to the right of our name with this giant space to the left of it and it makes talking/roleplaying a visual mess.

  8. PLEASE allow us to see where our clan members are on the world map! Even in voice chat we lose each other constantly and spend more time trying to find one another than we spend playing together.

  9. Please fix the bug where corpses disappear, go underground or 50 miles above player’s heads. On servers where you lose your items on death and have to retrieve them off of your corpse: This can be game breaking.

  10. Please fix the bug where if you log out clipping any object, you rubber-band like crazy and can’t exit/enter housing unless you hold R, lay down and then right click to get back up.

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