Fish basket no longer is collecting

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For some reason my bee hive, selfish trap , and fish basket no longer collect anything… Does anyone know why?

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I also had this bug yesterday. After I collected alot of shellfish my shelfish trap catched only 1 shrimp. 2 hours later that shrimp was gone and now it stays empty.

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Had this happen to my traps and hives twice now …both times were after a server reboot …dismantle and rebuild them fixes them though (just a bit of an annoyance)

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I thought maybe there was some kinda mechanic that i had received all the fish i could in that spot. it also happened with my bee hives.

I dismantled and rebuilt them and now they work now also, i thought it was normal after googling for hours, but your right it is annoying , thanks yall for the feedback!

This can happen to anything you build.