Fistfights and Camels


I think everyone can remember the scene from the Conan the Barbarian (1982) film where Conan gets drunk and punches a camel. I see no functionality for brawling in the current game and have heard nothing about it in the TestLive patch, so decided to add it myself.

Behold, Fist_Weapons!

It includes hide, iron, steel, hardened steel and star metal tiers. The damage is comparable to swords (spiked sets), or daggers (studded, includes armor penetration). Since offhand weapons are ‘meh’ and everyone uses ranged, 2H or sword/board, and holding a shield while punching a rhino looks strange, offhands act as shields (a la Wonder Woman).

This is a small file with no added graphics. Flawless pieces are available for hardened steel and star metal. This has been tested with both Age of Calamitous and Pippi with no current known issues.


Mmh, if i do remember right, Conan got some fist-fight weapon in the movie aswell, when he brawl in the pit of death.
That could be a nice diversity sided with dagger^^ Plus some armor gloves seems to have spikes on, so it could be damage mark on gloves, for less time spend onto creating a new weapon blueprint


He did in the pit but didn’t take anything with him when he was set free. I openly admit I’m not much of a modder so didn’t worry about weapon meshes. Fist weapon meshes would have to be designed to override of meld with armor meshes and that would just be a nightmare to do.

Your suggestions are good though and if any other modder wants to tinker with meshes, go for it. As a note, I made spiked do the damage and studded do the armor pen based on heavy armor physics.


I fixed the mod range, guys! After some pushing by a dissatisfied user (which I appreciate) I found a bug and nailed it to the wall so the range now matches vanilla unarmed, which is about a fist-length past where the fist extends.

If you checked out the Fist_Weapons mod and found it lacking, give it another spin.