Unarmed combat with fighting style lore

Would love to see unarmed fighting added in to this with obviously fighting styles for the period and lore, I believe this would be fun! A way to reduce carry weight. Obviously wouldn’t be an high damage type, but would be a neat idea.


And here’s the first challenge. There are basically no descriptions of unarmed martial arts in the lore, unless you count the black palm used by the Setite priest Thutothmes in Hour of the Dragon, but that was more magic and less martial art.

Traditionally, unarmed styles have evolved to supplement armed fighting (all European swordsmen who wanted to live long learned wrestling, for example), and independent unarmed martial arts evolved only in cultures where carrying weapons was forbidden (and as can be seen in e.g. Okinawan martial arts, people get creative when they’re not allowed “weapons”). What we’ve seen in Howard’s stories, the Hyborian cultures were mostly fine with people carrying swords in cities, so complex forms of unarmed combat weren’t necessary.

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Ah, well to be absolutely honest I know nothing about Conan Then Barbarian, however due to the game I have been learning slowly and watching TV based stuff, I kind of figured it had to be there due to punching being present but now I believe due to weapons breaking its more of a last resort than anything. But thank you I appreciate the knowledge. The More You Know About Conan The Barbarian. Lol.

I’d love to go out there unarmed and utilising the strengths of my foes against them. Just because I’m leaping in unarmed, this doesn’t mean I leave unarmed.

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How would unarmed combat be balanced?

Fists obviously cannot outdamage weapons, even if using something caestus or fist iron.

Sure vs unarmored targets you could be extremely leathal, even one hit killing with fists. But anything with armor, steel or natural, would be pretty impervious to fists attacks.

Now grappling is a whole different story and when compined with armed combat, is extremely effective.

Never implied it to be better than a actual weapon however just a fun alternative to weapons for a added challenge. That an a more viable defense if your weapon breaks and you have no repair kits handy.

Yea I get that.

I suppose they could add unarmed damage to scale with levels and strength.

But then it would make stone weapons obsolite, which are meant to be the emergency weapons if your steel weapon breaks or if you die.

Make them equal and then it’s based off aesthetics and roleplay or just plain convenience.

Weapons would have to have balanced. They would need to have further reach to say the least. As unarmed however, what I propose is to narrow the distance by getting close enough to our armed targets in order for their weapons to not be able to hurt us and then perform a disarming lock. Then we knock them down, pick the weapon and plant it to their chest breaking their rib cage.

(Watched Knight Fight the other day; idea came from it.)

In other words a similar battle behaviour from the newer Batman game series; or Batman meets For Honor sort of mix. This would highlight bows useful a bit since the melee weapons would be useless in a close enough touch distance and relatively easy to disarm.

While the idea of batman and for honor mix is amazing I believe disarming them should cause a fight club brawl! I know its not the lore or series but a slug fest with the black hand captain would be amazing!


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