Fix ... everyhing damit


from building issues to climbing that often completely FAILS!

Specially climbing. ive found one of those black towers, a specific one, where climbing just utterly fails.

i should seriously put up a video that shows how often my guy cant get over these ledges, lets go, or other stupid effing shinenigans.

and my elevator i just made, cant be returned to my inventory, because its been damaged. from being used. one time. what just happened?!

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The 500 fixes patch just hit testlive. If there wont be serious problems, I would assume we get this on live by the end of the week? (Not certain though, as I am not Funcom…)

i hope so. i mean i always make hanging bases, so when i cant climb up due to latency ripping me down, or bugs doing the same, then it gets a tad frustrating

They would have to rework every tower model to solve this issue. Needless to say they are not going to do this.

You could always repair your elevator?

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