Fix for exploding or gaseous traps - please

I love exploding and gaseous traps but they are poorly implemented.

Traps should be somewhat concealable. Huge obvious devices sticking up from the ground…Not going to fool anyone. They can just stand at a distance and destroy them.

FIX - Traps should be camouflaged to their surroundings. Not impossible but difficult to see until its too late. They should also NOT be triggered by owners or own thralls.

Decay - Mines should have a large radius to prevent or reduce decay.

Thoughts? Anyone else uses these? We use them a lot but they are VERY difficult to use and really only good in the jungle where we can hide them in the water. Can’t use them in the desert, snow, or any place that doesn’t allow it to be hidden for the above-stated reason.


That’s an interesting idea. Still don’t think they should explode for owners or owner’s thralls. They SHOULD know where they’re hidden so they would naturally avoid them.

I agree, they are very easily spotted. Ideally, they should be very difficult, if not near impossible to spot. Another aspect of them which I feel could use some adjustment (unless this has already been tweaked) is the delay between triggering it and the actual detonation. When I lured NPCs into some as part of a Journey Step, there was a notable gap between the time it is set off and the actual explosion. Although this was some time ago now, so it may have been adjusted since then.

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Around corners of things… works really well.

Buried makes sense… people would just place them all over, and just troll… they kinda need to be obvious as a counter, XD

Maybe if there were placed/thrown in more sensible fashion. Treated as a weapon and not a housing item. (like cod placing a betty) which can be slightly better hidden, but only stay on map for short period.

Change making method and damage.

They can do this now as long as they place a foundation or two in the area.

Housing item? I don’t know what mines you use in your house but any mines I would use would clearly be weapons. The game certainly doesn’t treat them as anything other than weapons.

I definitely think they’re far too costly. You’re using dragon powder to make the bomb, then placing the bomb in the trap with more dragon powder. At this cost, it should be a oneshoter.

You place them like housing items, instead of as normal game manner weapons. You can drop a mine a well futher then arms can reach.

Aaah…okay. LOL. Thanks for clearing that up. I probably would have gone with “placeable” but now I get what you’re talking about.

Su puede usar para luchar son muy buena

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