Fix how mods launch

If anyone spent some time testing mods with his dedicated server he knows how unhandy it is.

It’s totally bad, it makes players restart game all the time even when it is not necessary at all, like when player just want to change his list, not restart the game instantly for game to remember it.

It’s been asked for by the admins and desired by players dozens of times so maybe you will finally fix it after it was first asked ages ago allready.

It’s strictly a patch for game malfunction, it’s not a matter of taste like some players will like it but other will not. It is an inconvenience for 100% players involved, so maybe you fix it allready. What’s holding you back for so long?

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New launcher makes ordering mod orders very easy.

To summarize, there are tech benifits for having it set this way then vs something like Ark (Arks way also has benefits.)

That said, I would consider it extremely unlikely for them to change the way this works. Cause if you thought a typical patch “broke mods,” that would be ice creams and unicorns compared to the hell that would be unleashed if they changed it to the Ark system. As a mod author of 3 years, imma vote for let’s keep what we got, ya?

i guess that there must be any kind of win-win solution. It can’t be THAT freaking hard to solve it.

There is. The launcher. It’s extremely simple to reorder mods.